Who We Be

"Who are you two?" (or three, or four, as the case may be), you may be wondering to yourself. Well, New Friend, we are Angie & Graham.

We're an old married couple living in Chicago on the southwest side.

We've been together forever.

We got married in December 2007.

After a few years of city apartment dwelling, we bought our first home in December 2009.

We love to travel and see the world.

In the spring of 2010, this happened:

And we watched as Angie slowly morphed from this:

To this:

And, because all other months suck, in December 2010, we welcomed our daughter, Hannah.

As proof that we shouldn't have been allowed to procreate, we keep taking pictures of our daughter like this:

And this:

In August 2010, Graham finally made good on a promise he made to Angie when they got married:

We welcomed into our home Miss Jane the Cat, named for Jane Austen. (Angie's a nerd, FYI.)

She's a good girl, and she's kept us entertained.

She likes to cuddle.

And she's also wildly inquisitive.

She's our vicious attack kitty!

Most of the time, she stands guard like this:

Join us as we take on the world, one amusing obstacle after another!