Sunday, April 19, 2009

Coming soon...

It's been a busy weekend for the G Family. Saturday was "Husband Appreciation Day" and we spent the day hacking down invasive honeysuckle at Midewin National Prairie Grass Reserve. It was one of many Science Chicago activities offered each month. Graham got wind of the tall grass conservation efforts going on there and signed us up for a day of working, hiking, and learning. We have pictures, but I'll let Graham tell you about that and show you the pictures.

This week is my return to work after a week off. I love having some time to myself and being able to relax. I got to eat lunch with my friend Lisa and her brand new son PJ. The weather was great most of the week and I had a great time running, walking, reading, and lounging.

We're also beginning to take on some spring cleaning projects. We recently got rid of a few small items that we don't need and were just taking up space. Once I go on my summer break I'm going to seriously dig through my closet and shelves to free up some space. I know I've got plenty that I don't need, and Graham would be the first to stand up and say I can get rid of some shoes. :-)

Anyway, Graham will update you soon on the day we spent at Midewin, and I'll update soon with some other photos.

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