Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me....

Photos will be coming soon, but I thought I'd throw out a quick update about my birthday since it was a "big one" (for me, at least).

We met my parents for church in the morning in the same church where we got married. My mom wanted to go to lunch at Wildfire, but they made reservations for the restaurant in Schaumburg instead of Oakbrook (yuck). Oh least the drive up there was nice! Wildfire wasn't my choice, but I'm glad we went because I love the creamed spinach there. YUM.

When we got home, Graham and I both worked on stuff for school, which was kind of annoying to tackle on my birthday, but it's the tradeoff for choosing to go into work on Monday. It wasn't too much work, and we were able to get in a quick walk before driving over to visit my in-laws.

I had a good birthday. My parents gave me tickets to see Mary Poppins downtown, my sister gave me a new watch, and my in-laws gave me a gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I'm not sure what I'll get with many possibilities! ;-)

It was nice to spend time with everyone yesterday since it's not often we get to see both families in one weekend. I'm looking forward to my official birthday date with Graham later this week since the weekend was too busy to fit it in.

Now, it's my first full day of 25...weird. No turning back and repeating my early 20s, huh?


  1. Happy Birthday, Angie! Yay to Wildfire and to creamed spinach. It sounds like the day was wonderful. I can't believe you are only 25!

  2. Thanks, Kathleen! It was a pretty good day! And for the record, I have no idea how old you are. 29 maybe? I'm a terrible guesser because you look about 18, but I know that's way, way off. Gotta love those young-looking Irish genes!

  3. Happy Birthday (slightly late)! I'm glad it was a good one for you!


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