Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Guess who has teefs?

Just shy of 5 months old, my baby has a tooth. On Sunday night she and I were playing "Nom On Baby" (it's just as weird as it sounds) and as she was laughing I saw a teeny hole with a speck of white in her mouth. I figured it'd be a few more weeks at the earliest, right?


I felt around in her mouth yesterday morning and she had a definite bump, but she was still happy and smiley. Yesterday when I went to pick her up, she had a tooth. That thing is sharp as hell, man. Why--or how--is my girl still happy through it all? She hasn't been all that fussy but she puts everything she can into her mouth. Her pedi said it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early for her to be teething, and a month later, here we are. With a toof.

Last night was rough. I gave her tylenol and put her to bed, and almost exactly 4 hours later she was awake and screaming. More tylenol was given, and then again at 2:00 a.m. she was....wait for it...awake and screaming. More tylenol. When 6:00 a.m. rolled around....well, you know where this is going.

She's handling it quit well, though. After some initial discomfort this morning, she was back to being smiley and happy again. She gave me a huge grin when I picked her up, and she was nothing but smiles and giggles all the way to the babysitter. How the hell did I get so lucky?

I wish that teething didn't have to be so painful. I really hope that this tooth business comes in quickly so she can get a little relief and we can ALL get a little sleep.

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  1. Yay!!! 1st tooth! Hope you got some cute pics of her tooth grin!

    Just a side note - I've used nighttime teething gel for all 3 kids at night. LOVE IT! During the day, I give David an ice cube in one of those mesh food thingys. It seems to pacify him...


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