Thursday, May 5, 2011

Homemade Onesies: Spring Edition

Probably the cutest thing to come out of my baby shower were these homemade onesies, shirts, and bibs. My sisters all collaborated on games and activities, and to take some of the pressure off us while we opened gifts (hello, spotlight) they asked everyone to design a onesie, shirt, or bib for Hannah to wear. We walked away with some super cute pieces, and some of them are truly spectacular. So here we go--Hannah's Spring Collection!

First up, a shirt for the infant on the go!

See? There she goes!

 Next, a truly heartfelt and original piece from her friend Sabrina....

Here we have a lovely little number that any baby would feel good wearing to bed. Guaranteed to ensure sweet dreams!

This next onesie showcases Hannah's love for Jacob Black. Apparently, she's "Team Warewolf".

Here's a shirt that any mom should be proud to see on her daughter.

Perfect for summer: all babies scream for ice cream!

Jane was confused. She thought Hannah was the ice cream cone. Not so, kitty. Not so.

"Mmmm, this hooman is delicious. Baby is my favorite flavor."


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