Sunday, March 29, 2009

Getting ready for Spring

Graham teaches at a year-round school and one of the perks of that schedule is that is "summer" break is broken up throughout the year, so he gets a month off in summer, fall, and spring. His schedule is actually a little nicer than some because his months off don't coincide with any other holidays, so he gets a winter break on top of that time off.

One of his projects every month off is to deep clean the apartment in some way. I consider myself lucky; he's self-motivated enough to make himself a list of things to do over break. Every time someone asks me, "Did you leave him a list?" I can say, "Well, actually...."

During his most recent month off the weather was nice enough for most of it that we got to take care of a few things we were hoping to get done, particularly taking in our bikes and getting our garden planted. One thing Graham did that really helped was washing the windows. Living so close to the airport and off a major street, our windows take a beating thanks to weather, plane fuel, and bus/truck/car exhaust. We don't really clean the windows from November-March or April because it can get so, so cold here. Once we clean them in the

Here's a picture of Graham hard at work. (I was supervising.)

Hubby's good to me! :-) I don't even want to think about the condition the windows would be in if he didn't take the initiative to do them; had I moved in alone it probably would have taken me until July to clean the windows on my own. Thanks, Graham!

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