Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why, hello there...

So this should be interesting.

If you don’t know who we are, we are Angie and Graham. We got married in December 2007, and since then we’ve been living the dream in Chicago. We’re not sure whose dream, but that’s besides the point.

We’re both teachers-one of us at a private school and the other at one of Chicago’s fine public schools. We live in a small apartment on Chicago’s southwest side very close to Midway Airport. We share our living space with a beta fish named Prince. (Angie kept changing his name and couldn’t decide who he should be, so we decided on Prince because, well, you know.)

We enjoy spending time together, which is good, because as the priest reminded us at our wedding, we will be together “for the rest. of our. lives.” DUN DUN DUN!! Good thing we like one another, eh? Stuff we like doing together:
  • Gardening in small containers on our balcony.
  • Riding our bicycles down trails in the Greater Chicagoland Area.
  • Camping.
  • Watching bad movies and then blaming one another for our bad taste in movies.
  • Eating food made by Angie.
  • Going on long walks around the neighborhood.
  • Talking about what we want to do to our home someday. (Angie wants a large kitchen, Graham wants a large fish tank.)

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s good for the time being.

Thanks for visiting, and please check back soon for another update from one of us. Don’t expect too much “excitement” from us until the summer months when we have some weddings to attend and trips to take. In between now and then, you’ll just get some random updates on our life together. Not quite boring, but not quite action-packed excitement, and we’re a-okay with that.

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