Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Haircut

On Good Friday, I got my hair cut. Nearly 6 inches were lopped off the bottom, and my hair is now springy and life-like again.

From the front:

From the back:

I'm a lazy hair-cutter. I wait weeks--nay! MONTHS--before my hair gets trimmed. I usually spend 6 weeks looking at the mirror and saying, "I need a haircut." Then, because that's how things go, I realize I'm getting a new driver's license and than BAM! New DL, no new hair. Shortly after I get the new DL, I get my hair cut. It's how I roll.

I'm also not a nervous nelly when it comes to hair being snipped. I've gotten plenty of bad trims and I usually dislike something about all my new styles, but what gets me is that....IT'S HAIR. It grows back. I had 13 inches cut off my head the day before my high school graduation. I didn't cry. The girl cutting my hair kept cutting off an inch or two and then nervously asking if she should keep going. You could tell she thought I'd cry. I'll cry about other things, but it's just hair.

I'd love to have long hair. I really would. But I just don't have the patience to keep up with it and treat it like it should be treated. I get bored with blow drying it, and suddenly I have split ends and shaggy hair and I just don't give a damn anymore and I have it lopped off. Is something wrong with me?

Whatever. I'm pretty okay with this hairstyle for now, and I'm sure I'll neglect a much needed trim in the future. I'm a grownup in that way.


  1. Cute! I like it short! Very springy!

  2. Cute! I'm the same way about haircuts - I'll talk about needing one for weeks before getting one, and when I do I get a bunch chopped off!

  3. Very cute, girl! I, too, only get my hair cut 2 or 3 times a year. It's sad, really. I wait until some big event/holiday to get it done.


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