Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Planting

On Saturday, we planted.

We got our trays ready, and our seeds.

Graham doled out the fertilizer and got things ready, while I took pictures of the yard.

We planted tomatoes and herbs.

We planted all types of flowers.

We used everything we have, and we planted everything we wanted to plant.

We got a later start than we usually do, but I'm certain that we'll have some good growth soon.

I'm looking forward to using some fresh tomatoes and green beans from our garden. There's nothing quite like using vegetables that you've grown from seeds.

And, because it was time, we transplanted my college spider plant and some other plants that have outgrown their pots.

We can be truly productive when we feel like it!


  1. Can't wait to see how these grow! Wanna come plant some veggies for me too? : )

    You seriously have a plant from college? You green thumb girl!

  2. Yeah! I've had it since it was a little cutting off another plant. It's moved with me everywhere I've moved.

  3. Such green grass! And I must echo this Lisa . . . I can't believe you've maintained a plant since college (ahem . . . not that it was that long ago), and still manage to walk around humble hearted. I think if I had accomplished something like that, my ego would be off the charts!


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