Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A short update

It's been a while, friends! Things have been busy over here on the south side.

For one, my friend Jess came to visit! It had been a long while since we saw one another, so she drove down from Michigan and spent the weekend with us. It was awesome! We didn't do very much other than eat at Portillo's, but it was still pretty delightful to just hang around and catch up on life. And to be completely selfish for a moment, it was great to have someone come out and visit me! I don't mind traveling at all--in fact I love it--but it was great to feel special for a weekend. :-)

Graham and I are both wrapping up our school years, and on both ends it's been interesting. As the days go by, neither of us really have any clue if we've got a job for the coming school year or not. Increasingly, I'm feeling more and more like a pawn. The lines have been drawn here, and more and more I'm finding myself on "the other side." In part, I agree with this dreaded other side and the points that are being made. On the other hand, I'm fairly certain it's opening the door for some people here to walk in and take my job from me. And truth be told, with recent developments in mind, it's starting to sound like a pretty good deal.

But, unfortunately for me, I need a job. Poop. Stoopid monies.

So yeah. Work's not exactly fun right now, which is just making a greater and greater case for me to start grad school soon. WOO! Fun!

This weekend is Mother's Day, and we decided to have both moms over for brunch. It'll be interesting since we don't have too much in terms of sitting apparatuses, but it'll still be a good time. And I've never hosted a brunch before, so yay!

That's really all for now. Look out for some photo-laden posts in the next few weeks. Visits to Springfield and Jacksonville for Mary's graduation, plus MY BIRTHDAY. It'll be a good time.


  1. When will you find out about your jobs? Should be soon since the school year is almost over with, right? Will be praying for the both of ya!

    As for Mother's Day, your parents are still young enough. Have a pow wow on the floor!!!! ;-)

  2. ooooh, I just stumbled upon your blog and I LOVE your pretty header. Did you make that? It looks like a dream! Well done, you!


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