Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In Which I Resolve.

Ah, January, you saucy little minx. You sneak right up on me every year, and I always make "in my head resolutions", which, much like my "in my head recipes" and "in my head conversations with my husband about things we want to do" never seem to make it out of my mouth.

No more! I am relying on you, bloggy friends and readers, to help keep me accountable.

I have a lengthy list of resolutions I'd like to keep for 2012. After all, if it's our last year of existence, why not make it a good one?

I need you to comment and email and bug the heck out of me. Help me stay on top of these resolutions, particularly when I fall off the wagon and hide out with a package of cookies. So, here are my resolutions for 2012, in no particular order.

1. Be healthier and live healthier.

Yes, this is one of those "weight loss and exercise more" resolutions that everyone else makes this time of year. Bottom line: I'm a fat ass. I am overweight for my frame and body type. I'm chubby. My husband doesn't care, and my daughter doesn't care, but I do. I care. I need to lose some of this excess weight that's hanging around me, and overall I just need to live a healthier lifestyle. This means eating less crap (and sadly, consuming less soda. Waaaaaaah!) and being a little more active.

2. Read more.

I love to read. It's one of the reasons I majored in English, and one of the reasons I want to be a librarian. Since getting my first real job (I don't count my first job out of college because it afforded me far too much free time. It was essentially "College Plus), I haven't made time to read for fun. I haven't exercised that part of my brain enough. For Christmas, my sister(-in-law) and brother(-in-law) gave me Mindy Kaling's book. It's funny, and it makes me laugh, and while it's not exactly the best well-written memoir on the market today, it reminds me that there are books out there that are worth reading. To keep this resolution to you all, I'll be posting book reviews weekly, to prove that I AM reading. So there.

3. Blog more.

This one is where you guys need to call me out when I don't do it. I enjoy blogging. I love to write, and writing has always been a kind of therapy for me. When I don't write often enough and keep my thoughts to myself, I find that I'm crankier, sloth-i-er, and much more scatterbrained. Even if I'm writing something more than a touch ridiculous, blogging and writing helps me. So when I don't post? Bug me. If you're my friend on Facebook, bug me. If you're not my friend on FB but find me and bug me.....well, that's creepy.

4. Save more.

We need to save more money. I'm not going to share financials with you because it's one of the few things that I don't feel comfortable sharing on the interwebz, but trust me. We'll be sticking to this one.

5. Simplify.

I own a lot of crap. I need to streamline my life a little more, starting with my belongings. I recently read an article on CNN.com that discussed going through someone's belongings after they've passed away. The author had recently lost her father and was hesitant to part with anything that had once been precious to him. I totally get it. I'm totally that way. But when Graham and I talk about moving, or when we need to rearrange furniture (again) because we have something clunky and awkward to move around (again), I'm always amazed by the pure amount of crap I/we own. So this year, I'm simplifying. I'm getting rid of the garbage I can't seem to part with, starting with the useless stuff, and moving on to more sentimental items. My goal is to get rid of one bag of stuff a month. Even if it's a small bag, it counts! Why? Because it's my blog and my resolution and I said so. So there.

My pledge to you is to post pictures of the garbage I'm getting rid of. AND I can say that I'm already ahead of schedule because in addition to putting together a bag of stuff to donate to church, I also broke my largest Pyrex mixing bowl the other day. Literally thousands of pieces of glass were scattered all over my kitchen floor. My kitchen is minus one piece (that will be very missed). BUT! The good news is that if I die tomorrow, that's one less thing my family needs to decide what to do with. You're welcome, America.

6. Follow through.

I have awful Adult ADD. I've never been diagnosed, but I swear (I SWARE!) I have it. I get so easily distracted. I start projects with the best of intentions, and then I get sidelined by something else. I'll start cleaning the bathroom and bust out the windex to do the mirrors, then decide to clean every window and glass surface in the house like I'm strung out. At least all my glass surfaces are clean? I need to complete projects from start to finish. The end.

7. Try more new recipes.

I am addicted to cookbooks and recipe sharing websites. Over the last few months, with work being so incredibly busy, I fell into the trap of using my old standbys over and over again. While I can make a bitchin' pot pie, it's a little too much over and over again. We get bored of it. I am going to try more new recipes, blog more recipes over here, and if I try out cookbooks and don't like them, they're being purged.

8. Swear a little less, go to church a little more.

Self-explanatory.  I need to watch my language, particularly when it comes out of my mouth and lands on the ears of my kiddo. She's a mimic these days, which means if I say it or do it, she's following suit. Did I tell you guys that she's started playing with blocks and pretending she's on a cell phone? I'm in trouble, dudes.


  1. PJ and Maggie immediately put my phone up to their ears and say hello.

    And we already know the Oh Shit Story.

    I'm sad that "see LOG more" isn't one of your resolutions, but alas.


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