Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In Which I Explain. And blog.

So, if you haven't noticed, I have royally sucked at blogging lately. Sucked, I say! I keep meaning to--and wanting to--but my job has gotten so busy and chaotic lately that I haven't had the time. If I had extra time, I'd blog at work. Unfortunately, I have a crazy fear of being caught not working by the IT people (a fear I never had when I was the lone IT professional at my previous job), and we can't afford for me to be out of work right now. Since I can't blog at work, that leaves me nights and weekends. I usually try to keep weekends for family, unless I'm home all alone with nothing to do (LOLZ). I have a longish commute home from work, so by the time we're done with dinner and Hannah and general "at home-ish" things, I'm so damn tired that I don't have the energy to blog. I'm a firm believer that if you have nothing to blog about, don't bother. Look at Hyperbole and a Half. She blogs infrequently, but has a huge following because her blogs are kick ass. And funny. I don't have a big following, and no one wants to read my random, one-sentence thoughts on shoes. That's what Twitter is for.

As a way of explanation, I work for a non-profit in Development. Or Advancement, depending on the day. The calendar year just ended, if you hadn't noticed. During the holiday season--which, if you're Target, begins in April--you were probably bombarded with requests for donations or gifts. In your email, your snail mail, on your way in to Walgreens...damn bell ringers. I apologize on behalf of all Development/Advancement workers everywhere, because I was one of those people harassing your inbox. Our annual campaign kicked off in the fall, and I was literally Go! Go! Go! in my office all day, everyday. From November to early January. I was working all the time. A twelve hour day for me was not uncommon.


I was tired a lot.

Now that things have calmed down quite a bit, and my desk doesn't have a small mountain of paperwork I have to deal with, I'll be blogging more. In fact, it's one of my resolutions for 2012. (That's another post.)

So. How have you been?

::tap tap::

Is this thing on?


  1. It's about time lady. Start reading and commenting women. Link up with Shell for PYHO. XOXO


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