Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The past few days....

Plbbbbbbbt. That pretty much sums up the last few days here in Chez AngieandGraham.

First, Graham came down with a cold. He was pretty much down for the count, which left me on Baby Duty. Then I got walloped with a 24-hour head-thing. Graham was pretty good about taking over, especially in the mornings when I needed to sleep off my head-thing.

On Sunday, we made a noble effort to get to church, and technically, we were there. We parked in the lot and everything! The true reason we were there was to check out the parish school. We've lived here 2 years, and we've only seen the school basement for Bon Jovi Tribute Band concerts (Yes, that's a real thing) and Market Day pickup. We decided to check out the school because it's a very real possibility that Hannah will be a student there someday and we wanted to see the facilities and talk to current families.

Oh, and we're big nerds with backgrounds in education who have unrealistically high expectations for our obviously-a-genius-child's educational future.

[Pause for riotous laughter]

We had fun at the open house, and we got aaaaaaaaaaaaallllllll kinds of fun looks from parents and teachers. "Where's your older child?" "Right here. This adorable, not-yet-walker right here is our oldest and only child." ::wide eyes:: "Oooooooooh...."

As a teacher who attended plenty of open houses and met with new and prospective parents, I knew they were sizing me up. And I knew exactly what category they were placing me in. It's okay. In their shoes, I would have done the same thing. And on Monday in the teacher's lounge, I totally would have said, "Did you see that couple with the infant? Ugh. I hope they don't send their daughter here. Can you say, "Pain in the butt?"

After Sunday, Hannah's demeanor started to change. She was clingier than normal, a little warm (but no fever), and she'd go from zero to pissed in no time at all. She was also coughing a hell of a lot, after practically losing her December cough. I got her some baby cough syrup (something hippydippy that tastes like baby crack) and baby tylenol, and while it helped, my wee one just wasn't feeling like herself. On Monday, her babysitter said she had a fever and her nose was running non-stop. We took her to the pedi to see Dr. Amazing, who said her lungs were clear (YAY) but she had an ear infection (BOO). Today, Graham stayed home with her, and while her demeanor is better (YAY), her nose is still runny (BOO).

In summation, sick babies totally suck. My poor kiddo doesn't know what's wrong, just that she doesn't feel good, and "BuhBuh" (Mama) needs to be around all the time for hugs and cuddles.

Also, sick baby screams? I didn't realize humans could hear that tone.

Thankfully, my boss has been amazingly understanding. She let me leave early to take Hannah to the doctor, and she asked about her multiple times today, making sure I wasn't trying to be stoic and leaving my sick baby. Amazing. Have I mentioned how much I like where I'm working?

So that's that. A long few days. A sick baby. Cold as hell again. Can't wait for my baby to feel better.

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  1. Sick babies do suck. I hope Hannah feels better soon.


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