Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Day at Waterfall Glen

Today was a fun day. Graham made plans for us to ride the bike trails at Waterfall Glen in Southeast Dupage County. It's a really pretty bike trail, and it's one we haven't done before. It surrounds Argonne National Laboratory, and it's nearly a 12 mile loop, so it's a good workout.

We took some photos today, so here's a roundup of our morning/early afternoon.

The Chicago Park District hasn't mowed the park behind our apartment in quite a while. It's possible that it's due to budget cuts, but thanks to all the rain recently it's looking more like a prairie and less like a park.

Some tadpoles we found in a puddle on the side of the trail. This was right before we rode through a deep puddle.

Some (what we think are) geese in the pond on the side of the trail.

The deep puddle we rode through.

This is a warning sign put up by the forest preserve people. There's a large flat area where model aircraft enthusiasts can fly their planes.

Some of the aforementioned model aircraft enthusiasts.

A large model aircraft flown by a model aircraft enthusiast.

A scenic overlook off the trail. We could hear the waterfall, but we couldn't actually see it from the overlook. It was also blocked off by large orange hazard fencing.

Us after our bike ride. We were tired, sweaty, and sunscreeny.

All in all, it was a good day. The ride to Waterfall Glen isn't far at all. It took maybe 3o minutes from our apartment, and it's really, really pretty. The trail was really crowded--I knew the place was popular, but sheesh! Lots of walkers, bikers, and parents with babies in strollers. It was a BEAUTIFUL day for our first visit to Waterfall Glen, and I hope that the next time we're able to go is half as nice as it was today.

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