Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gardeny Goodness

Remember these stringy little guys?

Well, as of earlier this week my zinnias are still hardy and strong!

Our tomatoes are doing well, too!

This year we planted Patio and Tiny Tim tomatoes, as they're supposed to fare better in small containers. So far, so good! We also planted some parsley with the tomatoes, as the parsley is supposed to promote growth for the tomatoes, and then the tomatoes return the favor.

Graham's also experimenting with some wildflower seeds we got from our visit to Midwein. Nothing's blooming yet, but they're doing well despite all the rain.

And finally, some petunias we got from my in-laws. They had some leftover flowers, and my Moss Rose and Poppies just weren't digging the garden thing this year (Aaaaaand, rimshot!) They're looking good and they seem to like hanging out on the balcony. (I kill me, I really do!)

It's been raining a lot lately, and as soon as the rain stops and the sun comes out, our plants take off like crazy! I'm almost afraid what the next week will do to my zinnias!

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  1. Your gardening creates bubbles of joy in my brain.


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