Sunday, May 3, 2009

Waging War

For Christmas, I gave Graham a trebuchet he could put together with wood glue and a little bit of time. He and some good friends used to joke around about constructing a trebuchet so they could fling objects at other people and buildings. When I saw the trebuchet kit online, I couldn't resist. When he saw the trebuchet, he couldn't believe it. Now he could finally fling objects at whoever he wanted! Now, when we talk about waging war, we're only half kidding. The kid above us is quite loud and someone up there is always playing club music loud and until late at night. As for the family below us, they're loud as well and someone gave the kids down there cap guns so now they're always outside shooting at one another. If it ever gets really bad here, this is how we're fighting back.

Here are some pictures of Graham and his trebuchet in action.

Graham with his completed trebuchet.

Close up of the completed trebuchet.

Graham prepares to launch his trebuchet for the first time.

There it goes!

The trebuchet launched a wooden ball all the way to the end of the hall!


Preparing another attack on our hardwood floors.

If you look carefully, on the right side of the photo above the silver photo frame, you can see a wooden ball flying through the air on its way to attack the cow and vaccuum cleaner at the end of the hall.

As you can see, it was an eventful evening. We both got a few turns pulling the trigger and waging an imaginary war on the people below us. It was pretty entertaining. Right now, the trebuchet is stashed away in the library/office and is awaiting a call to duty. We're pretty convinced that if we set it up on the balcony we could easily launch a wooden ball across the "gangway" onto the balcony across the way. That would be ideal, as we're pretty certain that the people directly across from us complete with us each year at Christmas for the best decorations on the block.

Up next...a birthday update! One of us has a birthday coming up, so I'm sure there will be picture updates.

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