Saturday, November 13, 2010

Back to School

Lately, we've been busy! In addition to all the books we've been reading, we signed up for a few classes at the hospital and have been learning how to prepare for labor & delivery.

On Tuesday, we had our first Birthing Basics class. There are only 4 couples enrolled in this month's class, which is meeting every Tuesday for 3 weeks. I actually know one of the other moms in the class--she's the principal at another Catholic school in my neighborhood. It was a pretty low-key class when you think about all the information they gave us, but there were plenty of visual aids! I squirmed a lot when I saw the little poker thingy they use to break your water if it's deemed medically necessary. I can see it now:

Me: "I'm sorry, you're going to stick a what into my where? I don't friggin' think so!"

Next class, we get to watch a video of a baby being born--in 3D! No, really. In 3D. We ran into another couple from the class at Babies R Us the other night, and we had to ask if they had heard the same thing we heard. How that film will work, I don't know. At least I know it won't be a 3D experience like Honey, I Shrunk The Audience at Disney World. Phew!

Today, I went to a breastfeeding class at the hospital. There were 4 or 5 of us signed up, but I was the only one who showed. I've always tried to be an overachiever. ::snort::

It was a really interesting class, and I'm glad I went. I've been reading up and learning about breastfeeding, but attending  class and getting to practice with one of the dolls was much better. I always learn better by doing, and the LCs I met with were great. I'm looking forward to actually talking to them post-delivery and figuring out the whole, "How do I feed my baby?" mess.

We had our hospital tour today, too! That was fun. I'd been up to L&D for checks and all, and we spent time in the ultrasound department, but I hadn't had a good look at the rooms I'll be using. The Labor-Delivery-Recovery room is huge, and I really like that everything is right there, so I'll be about 3 feet away from the baby after she's born and getting checked out. They took us by he NICU, and I felt really fortunate that we could just breeze right by that area. It's good to know that they've got it together and are taking care of the preemies, just in case, but as for right now I'm really glad that we didn't have to deal with all that.

The post-delivery rooms were nice. Because I'm a "Great Expectations" patient, I get a nicer, larger room with a double bed and "guest room" attached. When I found out I was pregnant, my doctor gave us a bunch of information, and I signed up for the Great Expectations program thinking it was something I needed to do or that it was strongly recommended. I learned today that it's totally voluntary and comes with all sorts of crazy perks, like that big ole bed! Score! Note to self: If there's a #2, sign up for that program again! (Supposedly the big rooms can also be picked by just luck of the draw, but I'm glad that I've got one secured. I'm selfish like that.)

Another "perk" of the program is that an L&D nurse has been assigned to me and calls every few weeks to answer my questions, see how things are going, and just generally help get me revved up for birth. I haven't met her yet, and she was actually working today but at the times I was there she was busy. Fancy that! A nurse working in L&D was busy! When I got home, I had a voicemail from my nurse--asking how things were going and making sure that everything's going well. Oh well. I'll call her back next week and hopefully I won't be meeting her for a few more weeks. (Then again, if Baby G wants to show up at 38 or 39 weeks, I won't complain. I'll be happy to have my bladder back!)

We're learning! Now, if only there was a post-baby class we could "How to Bathe Your Baby Without Dropping It" and "What To Do If You Drop Your Baby" and "How To Feed Your Baby and Still Eat a Hot Meal at Dinnertime."

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  1. Maybe it will be like the Disney show. Maybe she will spit water in our faces and throw a plastic fetus at us.


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