Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Looking Back & Looking Ahead

What I'll Miss Most About Being Pregnant

1. Feeling her kicking around inside me. I love getting to know when she's sleeping and when she's awake. I love knowing if she liked what I had for dinner or if she's enjoying my favorite TV shows by proxy. I haven't always enjoyed being pregnant, but I'll miss her kicks and stretches inside me.

2. Having her all to myself. When she gets here, I'll have to share her with everyone. Having her to myself for so long has been a real luxury.

3. Strangers being especially nice to me. No more seat offers on the bus or in restaurants. Bummer!

4. Being able to sit down "because I'm pregnant." Relaxation based solely on gestation? Yes please!

5. Naps. I mean, really. Naps should be required of everyone during the work day.

6. The special attention I get from the cat. She knows something big is coming. She cuddles with me more and more each day. I'll miss that once Baby gets here.

7. Knowing exactly where she is all the time. Not to sound like one of those helicopter parents, but once I go back to work I'll always be wondering what she's doing and how she's feeling. I'm a closet sap.

What I'm Looking Forward To

1. Meeting her. Seeing what she looks like and knowing that she's okay. Finally getting to see her face. No more anticipation!

2. Sleeping on my stomach again. The last 8 weeks have been rough. Being able to sleep comfortably is something I'll never, ever take for granted!

3. Running. Exercising in general. I can't wait to be able to work up a sweat that isn't the result of turning over in bed or climbing the stairs.

4. Reclaiming sole ownership of my uterus. And ribcage. And pelvis. And stomach. NOT having people at work and perfect strangers coming right up to me and touchin me. Call me selfish! I dare ya!

5. Wine. Beer, champagne, sangria, morning coffee, more wine.....

6. Seeing my feet again. See #3.

7. Peeing less than 140,852 times a day. Self-explanatory.

8. Being able to experience things with my baby. I can't wait to actually see things through her eyes. I know it will be a little while before she can actually look at something and marvel at it, but I can't wait. I can't wait to take her on walks and read her books and take her swimming during the summer. And even better, I get some of those "firsts" a second time! We can take her to the aquarium as a baby and again as a toddler, and t's like a brand new experience for both of us.

9. Not being asked, "How are you feeling?" 36 times a day.'Nuff said.

10. Introducing her to friends and family. There are so many people who want to meet her. I can't wait to introduce her to my best friends.

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