Saturday, November 27, 2010

Maternity Pictures

When I first got pregnant, I didn't really want to do a maternity photo shoot. I never really wanted pictures of me looking swollen and super pregnant, and my weekly photos were good enough for me.

During the middle of August, one of my blogger friends--Rachel--held a giveaway on her photo blog where she was giving away a free one hour shoot. I entered and figured that if I won, great! If I didn't, oh well. I'd rather have pictures of my baby anyway! Well, Rachel picked a winner, but she also picked a few 50% off winners, and I ended up being one of them! (See? Everyone else in the world is a better person than I am. I never would have thought to do that!) It took some coordinating to get together for my photo shoot--we wanted it to be a little closer to my due date so I looked pregnant in the photos, but then Rachel and her family were living in Wisconsin for a month while her husband completed a residency rotation, and because there's a lot going on for both of us it just got put on the back burner. Well, this week we decided that we wanted to get it done and Graham and I made the trip up to Niles/Park Ridge (closer to Rachel) for the shoot. Teasers are up on her photo blog if you're interested!

I'm really glad we got the chance to do this. It was cold as hell out there, but it was still really fun. And, in a few years, I'm sure I'll really treasure these photos (especially if this is my only pregnancy).

(And yes, I realize that this is pretty contradictory to what I said in my previous post, but I really do feel weird about attention. I never would have done this on my own had I not won. Rachel's a wizard, though, so I think she made me look a little better than I do most days!)


  1. These rae REALLY cute! I love them and you look great!

  2. Love the photos! You look beautiful!

  3. Where were the pix taken? I think you look great in purple - one of my favorite colors!

  4. OMG those are AWESOME! You're so damn adorable I can't stand it!!

  5. Thanks, everyone! I keep looking at them and thinking, "GAH! My nose is huge!" but really they turned out super cute! Rachel takes most of the credit, though. I just had to show up and stand where she told me.

    Katie, the pictures were taken in Park Ridge, right outside the city. We met at Trader Joe's on NW Highway and just wandered around a few blocks from there. The first photos were taken right across from the grocery store, actually.


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