Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Poor Graham.

He's absolutely desperate to get out and ride his bike, but the weather just hasn't been cooperating. He had high hopes for the past weekend but it rained on Saturday and Sunday. I was cold yesterday and it's raining again today. According to our ever-so-accurate weather forecasters it's supposed to warm up in the Chi, and Saturday is supposed to be pretty decent. Hopefully we'll be able to get out and ride our bikes! He can finally get the outdoors action he's been hoping for!

In other news, we're finally deciding what we want to do and where we want to go this summer! We've (well, Graham) have been talking about going camping in the summer all winter. He's really excited to do so, and he brought it up so many times that I started to think he was worried I would turn all prissy on him and demand 800-count bedsheets and a turndown service as part of my "all-inclusive camping vaction." I actually said to him, "You know I'm on board with this, right?"

Graham is a much better camper than I am. I did Girl Scout camps in elementary school and I'm no stranger to sleeping bags, communal bathrooms, and tent camping, but my family never camped when I was growing up. However, that was how Graham spent most of his summers until he starting working at....a Cub Scout Camp. He's a camping pro. He knows how much of what to bring and that you can't very well camp without a game of Uno. Me? Well, I'm satisfied as long as there are s'mores and I can bring a book or two. I'm still learning, but it's fun to go somewhere and not really have to DO anything. There are Disney-esque vacations where you're constantly marching and walking and snapping pictures and smiling next to miserable park workers shoved into character costumes, and then there are nothing vacations. Just walking and enjoying and loving not even being home. Glorious.

One thing I learned in the fall? Not to walk Trail 11 (or was it 9? Whatever. It's the long one.) at Indiana Dunes State Park. Wearing Flip flops. No. Never again. Why? Oh. Because it's a long ass walk BACK to your campsite on the beach. Hot sun, hot sand, and no traction = go ahead and leave me behind.

It's definitely going to be a great summer with all the trips we're talking about taking, and I'm looking forward to all the great things that will come out of it.

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