Thursday, June 18, 2009

States We've Visited

Together we're not terribly well-traveled, but on our own we've each been to a number of different states. I took this little "quiz" last night and found out I've been to 27/50 states, which is roughly 52%.

Hopefully we'll add more to our list in the next year. We're talking about a trip to a few different states next summer, especially to places neither of us have ever been. It's a great opportunity for us to travel now--no kids--and visit places and do things our future spawn won't want to visit and do. Let's face it, I love me some wineries, but I have a *feeling* a 6-year old will want to spend time in Florida with Mickey over time with me in the tasting room.

We're not big travelers, but we love traveling together. We're good traveling buddies, or "exit buddies". I can't wait to add more memories to our life together.

And, for all Graham's fans on facebook, this really just means more albums and captions to look forward to!

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