Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chrismukkah 2010: Babies Edition

A few years ago, I met some women who are now very dear friends on a message board. We were all in the middle of planning our weddings and we'd go back and forth with questions like, "How should I word this on the program?" and "Does anyone recommend a good South Side bakery?" It's a little silly to think about it now, but while our friendships were formed initally on the foundation of flower choices and program templates, post-wedding madness we bonded over the usual and unusual, and sometimes downright unfair ups and downs life throws at us all.

While this particular group of friends has grown a little smaller over the past year or so, I'm exceptionally glad to have THIS particular group of women in my life! For one, they're all so alarmingly similar and different, all at the same time. For another, they all tend to have ridiculously cute offspring, and they've set the bar pretty damn high. And most importantly, they're all really, really talented in their own way, and they've been my friends for nearly 2 years and have helped me along some really frustrating roads, and they've also listened to me whine and complain about things that are annoying or just really, really bad luck. They're good people.

For the last two years, this group of friends has come together for "Chrismukkah", our holiday celebration. Because we all come from different backgrounds and walks of faith, it's only right to keep the celebration as inclusive as possible. While last year's Chrismukkah was loud and full of "single ladies" (sans hubs), this year we had the addition of some smallish ones. It was a little weird looking around and knowing that some of them were still incubating people this time last year, but it was also pretty cool to see former fetuses interacting with everyone. And, because I'm me, I had my camera out to capture it all. I'm a creep like that.

This is PJ, Lisa O'G's first child. He's obnoxiously cute.

He's definitely not sure of this sippy cup thing.

"Mommy? Where's Mommy?"

The hot chick in yellow is Christina G. She's preggers. Isn't she adorable? Once again, the bar has been set pretty high. I think I'll hide out in a cave for 9 months so no one can see me in all my fatness if I ever get knocked up.

(I've got such a klassy way with language.)

"Mom? Mommy??? MOM?????"

This is Courtney. She's Greek and she's smokin'! She's also got this adorable little monkey named Bennett.

I just love his fuzzy chicken hair! He's too cute. I really love those chubby cheeks of his!

This is Amy A. She and her husband attended the same Pre-Cana session as Graham and I back in July 2007. We all agree that the session was a little "eh" and that the softball couple may be divorced by now. Amy and I still wonder about them and like to ponder what happened after Pre-Cana.

Lisa ("LOG"), Amy A., and PJ. They're all really hot.

PJ just loves his Aunt Angie!

No really! He totally does! Even if he looks a little scared here. I promise. We're total besties.

This is Christina B. She was around 36 weeks pregnant here. A few weeks later, her little love bucket, Sabrina, was born!

Sabrina modeled some clothes for us. We're impatient ladies.

Then it was time for presents! Christina G. was super excited about her Secret Santa present!

This one loves her Yankee Candles.

I really just love everything about this picture.

However, I'm now looking for some new friends, because these three have clicked the "Defriend" button on Facebook. I'm a good person and a great friend! I take lots of random photos and post them online!'s not that bad.

But then, it was Carolyn's turn!

I don't remember exactly what Carolyn got, but it was from Amy P., so I know it was nice.

Then it was Courtney's turn. While Mom opened her gift, Bennett got to hang on Auntie LOG.

I wonder what's inside....?

Woo hoo! Baby food! It's the gift that keeps on giving.

That's Erica on the left and Ali on the right. They're pretty, aren't they? They always look so freakin' cute. They're also both from the South! Erica is from Tennessee, and Ali is from Kentucky! And by Kentucky, I mean Joliet. I drew Erica in the Secret Santa. And because I'm an amazing, caring friend, I bought her gift that morning, approximately 15 minutes before this shindig started. wonder they all clicked "Defriend"!

Well, next it was Heather's turn! Heather is also from the South. South Carolina, specifically. She says things like "ya'll" and it makes me smile inside.

She had some trouble getting her box open (Ali is a taping master!), so she had to use her knife.

Aahhh....I have taught her well.

Woo hoo! Candles!

Then LOG got to open her gift.

She loves Christmas ornaments.

Next was Sarah. She was wearing hot boots that day. We were all pretty jealous.

YES...booze. A girl after my own heart.

Next it was Lisa's turn. No, not LOG Lisa. Lisa Z. Lisa. This Lisa, actually.

Sad to say, but she's basically my token Jewish friend. I don't see many of my other Jewish friends anymore. ::sad face:: BUT ::happy face:: Lisa's gift was from Kelly, and it was a super bag of Hannukah goodies!

Everyone loves Hannukah-colored gloves!

She has a little was made in China.

Amy P. Got ramekins! Amy P. is my neighbor. She lives on the other side of the tracks. Literally. She's good times, and she turned me on to Joe & Frank and their Polish sausages. ;-)

Kelly's turn!

Kelly's obsession with The Wizard of Oz comes in second only to my mother.

It was almost time to go. Here, Christina gets to chill with Courtney and Bennett and enjoy a last meal out before becoming a Mom.

So to recap: there's a Lisa, another Lisa, a Christina, another Christina, an Amy, another Amy, a Kelly, a Carolyn, a Sarah, an Ali, an Erica, a Courtney, a Heather, an Angie, and some hot babies. There's also a Katie, but she was off taking pictures of another cute baby that day, so we can't fault her too much.

Then, it was time for the obligatory group shot.

Oops! Zoom out! Zoom out!

There, that's better.

This time next year, there will be at least 2 new babies in that picture, maybe even more! It's exciting to have friends who are moms, and it's exciting to watch their kids grow. I'm so lucky to have a group of friends in the city, and I'm really lucky to be an honorary aunt to all their precious kids. Life is sweet.


  1. bwahaha!


    This totally cracked me up! You're hilarious!

  2. Enjoyed this immensely. And this is not at all because you called my son ridiculously cute.

  3. Even though I know none of the gals profiled...I think they all must be awesome, because they're friends with such an awesome Angie. :-)


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