Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

We're not very sappy, gushy people. We're pretty chill, I like to think.

Valentine's Day has never been a holiday we "celebrated", but we always exchange cards and a small gift. Some years I neglected the gift all together, but Graham always got me something. One year I got personalized M&Ms, which was totally cool. I ate them for months afterwards.

One year, I got him a shirt, tie, and sweater he could wear to work. I'm so romantical.

This year we agreed to exchange cards and order in some chinese food from a local place. I ended up getting Graham two cards because I misplaced the first card I got him and found it later. Whoops!

A few weeks ago, I picked up a t-shirt for him. It's a blue Chicago Cubs shirt, and there's an outline of a ribcage on the shirt, and behind the bones in place of the heart is a red cubby bear. It's a cute shirt, and it's one I've seen around. It really defines Graham's attitude about the Cubs, even when they play poorly.

He felt bad that he didn't have anything for me, even though the shirt wasn't for Valentine's Day, just because. In retrospect, I should have saved it for opening day or something. ::facepalm:: Anyway, he ordered two "care and keeping of cat" books for me off of Amazon. I'm super excited to plow through them. Once those are finished, I'll be closer than ever to realizing my dream of becoming a cat owner! I asked Santa for a kitten every year.....sadly, I think my parents got to Santa before I did.....

He also picked up a box of pixies for me from Fannie May! They are my favorite candy in the whole world. When I was a kid and someone gave our family a box of Fannie May for Christmas or Easter or Mother's Day or just cuz, I used to convince my sister that she hated the "turtles".

"Oh Gina! Wait! Don't eat those! You hate them, remember?"
"Wait....I do??"
"YEAH! Don't you remember how you spit it out last time?"
"Well, you did. Trust me. I'm just looking out for you."
"I guess..."
"Here! Try this one!"
"Ew. Are you sure I don't like turtles?"
"YES! Don't try it! You'll spit it out! It's a WASTE OF FOOD! You don't want Mom to yell at you again."
"Good point. Okay. You can have them if I don't like them"

Le sigh. It was literally taking candy from a baby. They were right---it's really easy to do that.

Unfortunately, my powers of persuasion eventually wore off and my sister realized I was full of crap. It was a sad day.

However, turtles/pixies have always been my favorite. I think it's partially because my dad's mom used to pull them out of her boxes of candy and save them for us. I haven't had them in a long time, and Graham was nice enough to run out to a candy store and pick up a nice sized box for me.

Oh Hubby, how I love you!

::pause for the rest of you to swallow what you just spit up::

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, we're back! I went to the grocery store last Valentine's Day because it was Sunday, and I always do my shopping on Sunday. When I returned....I found these waiting for me:

I've always said he had good taste in women. He has good taste in flowers, too. They're gorgeous, and they're doing well a week later. All in all, we had a good Valentine's Day. We stayed in, ordered chinese, watched some Olympic ice skating, and just enjoyed one another's company and the long weekend. It was a good one, and once again, I was reminded of how spoiled I am.


  1. Awww! They're pretty!

    And the cat books are very exciting're gonna be a mommy!

  2. beatuiful flowers! go graham!


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