Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Gender Detector Was Victorious!

Phew! After what seemed like an exceptionally long wait in Labor & Delivery (where my hospital hides the u/s department), we finally have a gender! It was making me crazy not knowing if Baby G was a he or a she or a who knows what!

BUT...after what seemed like an exceptionally long wait, you need not wait any longer, friends! Baby G is officially a...................

GIRL! Ta da!

In one fell swoop, Graham managed to slip me an X chromosome instead of a Y, thus putting an end to 3 generations of males-born-first-G(&%#)@'s. He's always said that he was meant to have girls--clearly even his body was in on it. So, hopefully on or shortly after December 6th, 2010, a baby girl named Hannah Grace will make her way into the world.

And, as soon as I can get to a scanner, ultrasound photos will be posted.


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was wrong with my guess, but I'm happy for ya! I know she will be beautiful!


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