Friday, July 9, 2010

A New Addition

Up until the end of April, we had this table sitting in our kitchen (scroll down). It wasn't my favorite, but we got it for free from one of Graham's aunts right before we got married. Who can say no to free, right? It was kind of a pain to keep clean because of the glass top-everything showed--and it was a little too feminine for Graham's tastes. Getting a new table was medium on our priority list, but my in-laws offered us a "new" table (an extra they had in their basement), and I couldn't resist being able to sit down to dinner, rather than sit up. And so, we accepted said offer, and ended up with this:

What a treat! Sitting down to dinner is everything I dreamed it would be--and more!

It's a basic table--just a laminate top--but it's nice to have something that better utilizes our eating space better than the pub table that was there before. We had initially put the pub table in the basement (we have grandiose plans for that space down there) and we were hoping it would come in handy during parties, but my father-in-law requested it for my sister-in-law's new apartment downstate, so we relinquished our pub table and we hope to replace it with something else once the basement is a little more livable.

I really love that we're able to fit just about everything we need onto the table. It's always set with 3 placemats and napkins, just in case someone stops by, and I love that the lazy susan doesn't take up the space it used to on the pub table! And, I'm really excited that I get to use our tablecloths now. It feels so much nicer now that the table is "set" and ready to go. I can also use it for prep space when I'm cooking and baking, something I couldn't do at all with the pub table.
But, what I'm really excuted about are these chairs! Once we got the table, we needed some place to actually park ourselves for breakfast and dinner. There's a furniture store just a few blocks away from us and it was the first and only place we stopped. The store is small, and there's a decent amount of furniture in there that's not our style, but once I saw these chairs I was in love.

It sounds a little pretentious and silly, but having a "new" table and chairs really makes a difference. I love spending time in the kitchen, but when you can't sit down and eat and enjoy your meal it really messes with your chi.

So...that's the newest update. We're slowly making progress on the house and changing things as we go. I can't wait to show off the bedroom and dining rooms once they're finished! After that, the front room/living room is next on my list--that one's gonna take a while!


  1. Really pretty how you have it set up! Congrats on your new addition!!! ;-)

  2. nice! love the chair style!

  3. It looks lovely! Now hurry and tell Graham to get you a cat to sit on those chairs. :-)


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