Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Question

Next week, we have our "big" ultrasound. Provided this kid cooperates we'll find out the gender of the baby! (Then again, it's half mine, so there's a damn good chance it won't cooperate.)

Everyone keeps asking me what I "want", like they're asking what's on my Christmas wish list. Truth is, I don't really have an answer. I want a girl because we've settled on a girl name, girl clothes are generally cuter, and being one myself I have a generally good idea of how to play with one and raise one (pause for laughter because I know zippo about raising anything that's not a plant).

But...I also want a boy because boys are easier. They're generally more easy-going, and it's probably easier to change a boy's diaper (fewer nooks and crannies to work with). And, I think having a son would be a fun exercise for me. Maybe we'd get lucky and it'd be a Graham and not an Angie! (Meaning: It wouldn't be a huge pain in the butt all the time.)'s the evidence. Go ahead and read the following, then vote in the poll on the side. Gender will be announced as soon as we get a positive confirmation.

1. I've had a ton of dreams telling me it's a girl. 75% of my baby dreams say girl.
2. 25% of my baby dreams say boy.
3. My gut instinct says boy.
4. Some cultures/traditions/know-it-alls say I'm having a girl because I'm looking tired and drawn--baby girls steal the mother's good looks.

(Ahem....I had good looks? Huh?)

5. My grandmother always said that Italians believed that baby girls made a preggo MORE beautiful, while baby boys made the mother look tired and exhausted.
6. I'm STILL throwing up all the time, and supposedly a ton of m/s means it's a girl.
7. Swinging a necklace over my wrist and stomach has been inconclusive: back and forth in a circular motion.
8. Chinese gender prediction charts are also at odds with one another.
9. We don't yet have a boy name picked out, so there's a damn good chance it will be a boy and we'll spend the next 4 months arguing about names, all the way into Labor & Delivery.
10. Cousin Ken is 2/2 with his niece & nephew, and he says I'm having a boy.
11. All first-born Baby Gs have been boys.

There you go! Your evidence as it stands. My Aunt Karen truly believes I'm having a girl because she dreamed boy, girl, boy, girl in that order with all 4 of her kids and her dreams came true. My gut tells me it's a boy, despite all the dreams I'm having. (I think my dreams might be a little too far future predicting--maybe they're telling me about Baby 2 or Baby 3, and those are only options if this m/s stops sometime soon---I can't keep throwing up like this!!!!)

Go vote, and look for a gender post sometime next week.


  1. Too exciting! Boy or girl the baby will be one little spitfire. I'm going boy...and I can't wait to hear names! -Kathleen

  2. Don't know, Angie. I'd say go with your gut on this b/c mother's intuition is always right, but I for sure thought this bambino was a girl. As for dreams, I've had dreams about my friends' babies (never mine probably b/c we found out what they were before I could dream about them), and they were 6 out of 8 times right. But, right now, if I had to vote, my gut tells me you're having a boy.

    And, as far as which one is easier goes, Joseph definately was the better baby sleeping wise. All I have to do is put him down, and he'll fall asleep on his own. I think we screwed Sarah up by always holding her until she fell asleep. (We spoiled her silly.) Now, she has trouble going to sleep on her own. Diapers are definately easier to change on boys, although sometimes it's kinda gross when they get little erections. (Did I just type that?!) Ahem...

    Anyway, although I love Sarah with all my heart, she definately has her mama's attitude. By the way, they really shouldn't call them the "terrible 2's". It's really the "terrible 3's" you gotta watch out for!

    Can't wait to hear what your ultrasound proves! Keep us posted!


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