Saturday, February 19, 2011

Photo of the Day

Hi All,

This is the Graham half of angieandgraham. I was listening to WGN radio today and heard something interesting. A woman was speaking on the show about a recent blog or article or news piece she had done in relation to the "winter blues."

According to her interviews and research, there are several different things we can do to help ourselves have a better outlook on life and feel better. A couple of her examples included standing for thirty minutes or simply going outside for three minutes. The one that really struck me, though, was the story of this six-time Ironman champion who had never won a race until he had spoken to this shaman. The shaman told him that he had to shift his thinking away from being competitive and trying to outdo everyone to a more everything and everyone is connected mindset. Once he did that, this triathlete started winning competitions. He stopped hoping to outdo everyone and started hoping that everyone who have the best race possible.

Anyways, as this radio interview went on, the discussion turned to how people can apply these ideas. It is easy to see how you can apply the standing for thirty minutes or the going outside for three minutes ideas. The change in thinking is something that will take more practice, I believe. What struck me, though, was that they said you don't even really need to get outside to always feel the benefit. Sometimes just seeing or remembering pictures or events that evoke those responses can be just as beneficial. Just having those yellow tulips as your desktop wallpaper will do the trick, so they say.

As I was driving, I started thinking about how I could apply this concept. I already get outside daily, although maybe I can reflect on it a bit more. I already spend plenty of time on my feet. I can work on the cooperative vs. competitive mindset, but the seeing positive images idea stuck with me. To that end, I am going to set two goals and I hope to share the product with you.

1 . I will try and look at and post a positive photograph each day and

2. I will try and actually take the photo that day.

We'll see how this goes. I welcome feedback, the borrowing of this idea for your own use, and the sharing of your own photos.
Today's photo (above) is one of our spring bulbs breaking through. Who cares if that groundhog was just buried under two feet of snow, spring is on its way!

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