Friday, August 26, 2011

Life's Lessons

Life With Baby Donut

This has been a busy week! I haven't had time to post or even think much because of all the garbage we've got going on. And, I realized on my drive home that it's the last weekend of summer. Ick. How....ugh. So sad. :-(

1. Someone needs to slap me next summer and say, "Hey stupid! It's AUGUST!" That way, I'll make my last summer weekends count.

2. Then again, maybe I'd make them count like I did this year, by relaxing with my kiddo as much as possible.

3. Taking your cat to the vet? Not fun.

4. Cats hate driving in cars. They let you know by howling. Loudly.

5. Getting fingerprinted for work is "a process that takes only 5 minutes." However, it takes a lot longer when the biometrics place has weird hours and is only open 3 days a week. #longlongwait

6. Puffs are addictive for babies.

7. is a good place to meet people.

8. Unless they're from Brookfield. And they belong to the "official" moms group.

9. Because they deny your request to join their group. Because you're 10 minutes away. Because it's too far.

10. Exclusivity! It's what's for dinner.


  1. Haha, mom's groups can be so annoying. I had to wait six months to join mine! Geez.

    That is the most awesome wedding pic I've ever seen, btw. LOVE IT.

  2. That's crazy about the mom's group! Wow.

    I can't believe summer is almost over too. Although I think it's going to be in the 100's here for at least another month.

  3. Wow! 10 minutes is too far to join a mom's group. That's just crappy. Maybe you can join one through your church? Or, what about your park district?

    And, I know what you mean about the baby puffs. David LOVES puffs. I call it "baby crack". If I'd let him, he'd eat an entire container in one sitting!


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