Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Seven Months Old!

So I kind of suck at getting her monthly updates posted in what some might call a "timely manner". Oops. Better late than never? Or ever?

The parent who first had the idea to take monthly photos of their little one said it first: "These pictures are getting harder and harder to take!" Why? Because I have a baby who is increasingly interested in the world around her and wants to explore EVERYTHING. It's wonderful and miraculous and amazing, but also impossibly difficult to take a picture of her unless I restrain her. Have you ever tried to restrain a baby? It's not easy. Kinda leaves you asking, "Oh my God, how is she stronger than me?????"

Month One. Month Two. Month Three. Month Four. Month Five. Month Six.

As you can see, Hannah's growing like crazy. Her dad's genes have kicked into high gear and she's shooting straight up. She's most definitely a G@%$%(@!( baby, that's for certain.

Note: the above photo is important. She discovered the skirt at the bottom of the chair. We'll come back to this.

Hannah's eating lots of purees and quasi-solids these days, and I am attributing her insta-height to the introduction of solids. I'm a medical professional, and thus I can state the previous with conviction. I did my undergrad at Google University and went to med school at WebMD State. Top of my class over there.

Her favorite things this month? Bananas, bananas, and more bananas. For shiz. It's like baby crack for her. I cannot shove the darn things in fast enough.

She also likes to roll around pretty much everywhere. This month, she really figured out how to worm her way around to get to what she wants. She can't crawl, but she doesn't need to. Eventually she'll find a way to get to what she wants. For example, when she's sitting up and something is just out of reach, instead of leaning forward, she'll just thrust herself forwards and land on her belly. She's got balls, that's for sure. She is NOT afraid of getting hurt, until she does, and then she's unhappy.

She's also developed a bit of a Napoleon Complex. Girlfriend totally thinks she's bigger than she is. It's really hysterical.

Her comedic timing? Impeccable. It's a crime that she has no idea what she's doing. She's always on cue with a smile or laugh or giggle, and I still don't know what's funnier--that she's doing it at all, or that she's doing it completely unprompted and without any idea why it's funny.

Also, she hates to smile and laugh.

Absolutely hates it.

I swear, sometimes it's like we live with Lurch from the Addams Family.

Obviously, I'm full of crap. This kid smiles and laughs all day. It's all she does! Unless she's crying, and that's usually because one of three things happened:

1. She fell over and bumped her head.
2. She's hungry and just realized it, in which case baby is HONGRY. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND FEED MEEEEEEE! (This is a trait I practically gift-wrapped for her.)
3. She's overtired and hasn't napped well (or at all) because she's too busy looking at everything around her.

Generally, she's a really happy and relaxed, chill baby. Not a day goes by that I don't look at her and wonder why I am so blessed.

Okay, remember that picture from before? Look at the above photo. See how she's all "ZOMG CHAIR SKIRT IS THE BEST THING EVERRRRRR!!!!"?? Yeah. About 0.00002 seconds after I took this photo, she flung herself forwards and hit her head on the hardwood floor. I immediately swooped in--cue Tiger Mommy Mode--but the damage was done. Girlfriend was too fast for me. She laid on the floor in stunned silence for about 3 seconds and then---holy hell--she screamed like I had just drop kicked her. She had a goose egg on her head for about a week, poor little one. But really, when she woke up the next morning, she was her same happy, bubbly self. It was like the night before had never happened.

Seriously. Why are we so lucky?

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