Friday, August 19, 2011

Things are looking up

Some friends of ours have had a pretty lousy 2011. Last month, things started looking up for them. One got a new job, and the other got a raise. And, at the Brad Paisley concert earlier this month, they were a mere six rows away from him during his second set out in the cheap seats. With all the crap they've had to deal with since 2011 rolled in (one has a parent who is dying, the other had a parent die suddenly), they are optimistic that the second half of 2011 won't suck quite so much.

When my friend started her new job, I said, "Okay, universe. It's my turn. Lay it on me."

I've had some phone interviews and a few in-person interviews. One interview went okay, but I spent the rest of the week thinking about everything I should have said and didn't, and as the days passed and I didn't get a phone call, I knew I wouldn't get the job. And I didn't. In fact, I got a letter addressed to one of my references at my home address, telling me the position had been filled. When I called to let them know that someone had made a clerical error, it was another 2 weeks before I got any sort of response or apology from that. Odd, no?

Ultimately, it was a good thing I didn't get that job. I left my job in June due to stress. There's nothing smart about taking a new job that would be just as stressful.

And truth be told, it's hard to stay focused at work when everyday leaves your stomach in knots. I like working, but I was so much happier and relaxed on days off and weekends. I was able to enjoy being home and spending time with my baby and my baby daddy.

So, the interviews continued. And I had a promising interview and a very promising follow-up. I had another good phone interview. And finally, late last week, I got a job offer. Friends, blog readers, lend me your ears! I, Angie G@%$%!@|(, am gainfully employed!

I'm excited about this opportunity for a few reasons, one being that I get to use the creative part of my brain again. I'll be working at another school, this one is located over an hour away from home (hellooooooo commute!) in a much different area. Much.

What makes me happy and justifies my sense of self-worth as a contributing member of society is that they interviewed me twice, and I found out today that it was because I was the most qualified candidate, but I live so far away that they wanted to justify hiring me instead of hiring another candidate.

In the spring and well into June, we were worried about Graham's job and whether he'd have one to return to after his July hiatus. I wondered if voluntarily leaving my job was the smartest decision. I thought that if we were both out of work, we'd look like ridiculous tools to our families. Graham's job couldn't be helped, but me? Me? Oy, I'd look like the biggest moron in the world. Who voluntarily leaves a job with nothing lined up in the worst economy in decades?

I'm happy to say that things are hopefully looking up for the G Crew for the remainder of the year. I'm on the path to Better Living Through Science (a.k.a. happy pills), we're both employed, and we're both feeling really good about the future. No matter how long we're in the city, or no matter where we end up, we're together, and we have a fabulous daughter and wonderful cat who will see it through with us. Amen, friends. Amen.


  1. I'm so glad the universe finally woke the fuck up. So Happy for you doll.

  2. Congrats, Angie! That is wonderful news! :)


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