Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And so it begins...

Spring and Summer are our favorite times of year to get out and be active, but when we're home and the game is on, it is a constant battle for control of the remote.

I am a White Sox fan.

Graham is a Cubs fan.

Six games out of the year, this is an issue that causes us to taunt, tease, jeer, and root for the other team to fail. The rest of the season we're pretty much unaware of how 'that other team' is doing. It only becomes a real issue after both teams make it to the playoffs and advance--when it appears that they might actually be facing off in the World Series, that's when it gets vicious 'round these parts.

Thankfully for us, both teams have sucked royally in the last few seasons, so it doesn't seem like they'll be facing off for true superiority anytime soon. Let's face it: last season both teams spelled 'October' c-h-o-k-e.

Still, being die-hard fans of the Cubs and the White Sox is a point of contention for us. While I think Ozzie's antics and rants are funny and true, Graham would rather see Ozzie out on the streets begging for change. While Graham wants to name our sons Addison and Clarke, I'd like to see the streets renamed something more appropriate, like Konerko, Fiske, or Pierzynski.

However, being fans of opposite teams can be entertaining for our family and friends. We've got ourselves "marthing" NLDS and ALDS shirts, and our cake topper at our wedding is still getting compliments:

At least we've got a sense of humor about ourselves! Our team loyalties won't ever be a true issue until they meet in the World Series, and the odds of that are pretty much nil.

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