Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

(Us, Easter afternoon)

Happy Easter! This afternoon we find ourselves getting ready to spend the day with family, and it hit us that this particular Easter is our 9th together. While only our second since we got hitched, we've been dating, engaged, or married for NINE Easters. Wowza. While they haven't all been wonderful (a few years ago I had a lovely fainting incident) we're definitely blessed to have one another and to have had so much time together.

Last night we drove to northwest Indiana to visit my aunt and uncle. The last few years they've started throwing Holy Saturday dinners instead of Easter brunches, perhaps because it's one day that everyone is available. It's always nice to see that side of the family, especially because we don't get together as often as we do with my dad's side. This particular uncle is my mom's brother and only sibling, so she especially loves to visit and spend time with him. He and my aunt are my godparents, and I'm 3 days younger than their oldest.

While we didn't want to leave as early as we did, we had a lot to do today and we also wanted to keep up with a few of our new Easter traditions, mainly watching The Ten Commandments while dying eggs.

Graham dyes an Easter egg

The Ten Commandments, a yearly tradition

Point to my egg. I love egg dying!

We didn't really dye eggs growing up, but Graham and his family have always done it. I was ultra excited last year when we got to dye them. This year we were a little more organized and had everything set up, and I had 2 dozen eggs for us to dye and play with, including the wax crayons and the 'shrinky dink' egg wraps. I think the egg wraps are my favorite things--just submerge for 5 seconds in boiling water and ta da! A decorated egg!

The last few days have been busy, but we still made time to attend Easter and Triduum services. We skipped Holy Thursday and Holy Saturday (mostly because I can't stand the marathon Mass on Saturday) but attended the Good Friday service. That's always one of my favorite services during the entire year because it's so somber, but very simple and true to the reasons we have Mass anyway. This morning's Mass was really lovely, and PACKED! I love seeing a packed house on Easter Sunday.

Today we're going to watch It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown! while waiting for my lemon bars to cool. Then we're picking up my mom and headed to my dad's twin brother's home for Easter dinner. After that, we're heading to Graham's parents to see his sister and parents and eat lamb cake. Today we were talking about which holidays or parties we might like to host once we have a home of our own, and I told Graham that we can't do Easter because I don't have a lamb cake mold. Graham said he'll get me a lamb cake mold when we have our first house because it's not Easter without lamb cake, apparently. (Lamb cake: another Easter tradition that my family wasn't terribly committed to. Some years we had it, most years we didn't, and always from a store or bakery.)

We hope everyone's having a wonderful and blessed day! Happy Easter!

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