Monday, April 13, 2009

Exit Buddies!

On Saturday, after a hectic two weeks, Angie and I went out and picked out new residents for our twenty gallon fish tank. The previous tenants were angelfish I had originally bought for my classroom. They grew to be pretty sizeable and can be a bit aggresive, so we couldn't put anything in there even after a few had died.

Now we have six tetras. Three of them will get to be about 3 inches in size, the other three, neon tetras, will only get to be about an inch. They aren't aggresive and like to school, which makes them easy to match up with other fish and more fun to watch.

I have named the three neons blue peep, purple peep, and orange peep, in honor of the Easter season they were purchased in. Angie has yet to name the other three.

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