Monday, January 11, 2010

Mom-in-law's birthday: The Big 5-0

My mom-in-law celebrated the end of 2009 by turning 50! What a way to say goodbye to the decade, huh?

Now that Graham and I have been together almost ten years (ACK!) I'll never forget that he told me after one of our first dates that his mom was about to turn 41. My jaw dropped because my own parents were in their mid-to-late 40s, and I couldn't believe how young his mom was! I didn't know at that time that we'd still be together 9 years later and celebrating his mom's next decade.

Because the whole family was in for the weekend, we made a bigger deal out of her birthday. Brian and Robyn came up to spend a late Christmas and Mom's birthday with us, so we all took Mom out to dinner at Chi Tung. If you're not from Chicago, let me say this: Chi Tung is the best Asian food you'll eat this side of China. That is a promise. It's deeeeelish.

Some photos of the evening:

Me enjoying a mai tai. Note the straightener fail.

The Fam.

Something was funny enough for me to make this face and for Graham to document the moment.

Discussing the finer points of....something.

Hokay, so after dinner we went back to the ILs' home for cake, gifts, and game playing. I had ONE BITE of a cookie. ONE. And yet, I still broke a dining room chair. Obliterated is more like it. If I hadn't planned on making a New Year's Resolution to lose weight, this would have sealed the deal:

We decided to play Seven Deadly Sins. Do NOT play this game with your church-going, Christ-y friends. Or your parents. Or your grandparents. Or your siblings. Or if you plan to run for public office someday. It's racy! (I can't believe Santa brought this for Brian! Santa's a perv.)

Game face: On.

To get a piece of Sinner Pie, I had to make a puppet show out of dirty sweat socks. We decided it was going to be about Mary's life after graduation. It was melodramatic at best.

On one of Brian's attempts for pie, he had to go into his host's closet and find the most revolting outfit they own. We knew it was going to be good when we heard him say, "JACKPOT!"

Graham got to impersonate the Wicked Witch of the West. He even found a monkey!

For reasons unbeknownst to me (thanks to Mr. Mai Tai, and later on Mr. and Mrs. Wine Cooler), everyone except me and Robyn got to be comatose until their next turn.

Brian doesn't make a good coma patient.

Thankfully, it didn't last long.

Still coma-ing.

Mom even had to play!

More coma.

Also comatose, but Pops wasn't playing the game.

Mary retreated to the hood. She really didn't want to play this game with her family.

We took a cake break.

Singing and caking.

And then there were presents! We got Mom a picture puzzle. Then she can frame a picture puzzle of all of us at Brian and Robyn's wedding.

Brobyn got her some nice, fluffy towels in earth tones. I rubbed my drunk face on one. (Sorry!)

Once we were done, Brian put his game face back on.

To get some Sinner Pie, Robyn let us give her a makeover.


I don't remember taking this photo.

Mom wanted an updated picture of us before we went away for the night. Mary wanted some companionship, too! It's a tough contest, really. Mary's partner loves to cuddle and keep your feet warm. Mine has better breath. The grass is always greener, right?

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