Saturday, January 2, 2010

Small improvements

No big photos yet, but here's a photo of a small update I made in the bedroom. As you can see, the previous owner had love of glitter:

This is exactly the kind of switchplate I would have loved....when I was six. However, I'm not really a fan of the glittery, frilly, and sparkley home decor and instead started looking for something a little more adult and a little more fitting to our style. After a trip to Menards today (15% off anything you can fit in the green bag! Woo hoo!) we picked up one of these and two outlet covers for our bedroom:

I'm much happier with these than with the glittery, frilly switchplates. The downside to those is that they're in every single room in the house! At least we got the bedroom fixed. I picked up a cheap, plain white one for the bathroom as well. No need for outlet covers in there since we don't have any outlets....reminds me of Rutledge Hall in college, pre-remodel of course.

I'll post some more photos soon, but right now, laundry calls!

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