Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Six Months Old!

Wow...what a surprise, a belated update! Gimme a break...I was finishing up my school year, and then when I finally had the time to post this, I figured I'd wait until her 6 month appointment earlier today so I could post her updated stats.

See? Foresight. I haz it.

Well folks, Hannah Grace grows by leaps and bounds everyday. It's almost like she's bored with being a baby and is ready to toddle and play with the big kids. She is interested in everything and has so much trouble winding down for a nap because there's so much for her to see and do and nom on. She stuffs everything into her mouth.

In honor of her first half birthday, she wore her 1/2 onesie from her friend Sabrina

"These fingers are really delicious. You should try them sometime."
 These monthly photos are getting harder and harder to take! I love it, though. As much as I have to keep my eye on her, I love watching her change and grow.

And, because it was the seventh of the month, someone else had to come up and say hello...

"Don't forget about mee, hoomans."
 Why yes, I AM one of those people who talks to and for her cat. It's fantastic and I love it.

As you can see, when Hannah isn't moving or entertained, she doesn't quite know what to do with herself.

"Play with me, KittyKitty!", she finds ways to keep herself entertained when the big people won't do it for her.

"What do you mean, 'Show off my teeth', Mommy?"
 She's a big, big ham, too. Hannah puts on a show for everyone she meets and she loves to smile and laugh with strangers. Gee, I wonder where she gets that from?

::looks around::

Must be from her dad's side. Yeah, that's right. Her dad's side.

This month, Hannah still has her two bottom chompers, and she's working on 1-2 more. Hard to tell sometimes. I, however, am extremely aware of her two bottom teeth. To put it mildly, my boobs are on strike. They may never come out again.

"Is THIS how I show off my teefers?"

"YAY! Look at my toofers, everyone!"
 Hannah is extremely easygoing and a generally happy kid. She loves to go on walks and see the world around her.

Big smiles!
 She also looooooooooves books. ::squee!:: While this strikes a chord with me and makes my inner and outer book nerd dance with joy, what she loves most is putting a book in her mouth. Hey! It's how she explores her world.

"Hmm. I would like to stuff more things into my mouth..."

This month, Hannah also figured out object permanence! Awesomesauce. She figured out that when she can't see something or someone, it still exists. I realized she'd figured it out when I moved her bottle, thinking she was finished, and she followed it, looked back at me, smiled and played for a few moments, and then went looking for her bottle. Needless to say, peek-a-boo is fun for both of us now.

"Hey Mr. Dog! You're back! You look delicious today."

"What? What'd I do?
 Hannah is also working on her tripod sitting! Yahoo! I took her out in the backyard during the first week of June, and she grabbed some fistfuls of grass and had a great time sitting and looking out at the world. I've noticed she sits best on the lawn, probably because it's a firmer surface and she has something she can hold on to, but her sitting skills are getting better each day.

"Okay, they get it. I'm growing. Peace out, dog."
 We play games and sing songs each day. Right now, her favorite game is "Wee! BOOM!" and it's just like it sounds. I pull her up to stand, saying "Wee!" and then plop her on her butt with a "BOOM!" She could play that game all day. Each time we go, "Wee!" she gets the biggest smile on her face.

"Here Comes The Sun" is 'our song' (awwwwwwwwww) and we sing that at least once a day. She's also showing a preference for "Fat Bottomed Girls" and "Teenage Dream". Her little legs start kicking whenever she hears one of those.

Her favorite playthings include her octopus carseat thingy (I dunno what you call it, and I don't really care) because she can grab part of it and it makes a fun sound, her soft giraffe ("giraffey"), her plastic keys, her Tweetybird rattle (I really hate Tweety), and paper or anything that makes a fun crinkly sound or that can be manipulated like paper.

You can't really see in the pictures, but her hair is filling in nicely and it's very fine and blond. That can only mean one thing, really: sunscreen, and lots of it.

Oh dear. Look at that face. We are in trouble....

And that devilish little grin! We are in a lot of  trouble. Crap.

"I feel like relaxing, Mommy."

Checking out her "big girl bed".
 Overall, she's a really good baby. Bedtime is rarely, if ever, a battle (Oh, that this would never change!!!!), and bath time is the best part of her day. She loves loves loves her jumperoo, and while she doesn't respond, she turns her head when someone calls her name (unless we're with my parents and they're attempting photo op #6947293, then she ignores the constant "Hannah.....Hannah....Hannah....")

"I haven't given this side any love yet."
Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for blessing me with this little one.

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  1. what an awesome onesie!! ;) :D
    i LOVE all these pics and update. she's SOOOOOOOOO stinkin cute, Angie!! and yes, you guys are gonna be in sooo much trouble one day! ;)


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