Thursday, October 1, 2009

Robyn & Brian's Wedding Day: Pre-Ceremony

Before the ceremony, we met at the chapel to finish getting ready. Robyn and her mom went to get their makeup done, so "the girls" showed up a little early.

Danielle and Amber finish getting their dresses on, which was a little difficult for Amber because we found out a little too late that one of her hooks were cut out during alterations. Whoopsie!
My new sister! One of the last pictures of Robyn as a single lady. Beyonce, where you at?

Mary loves to rock the socks. She's never without an extra pair.

It was at this point Robyn realized she forgot to put her garter on. Mary is a total trooper and took one for the team (as always).

Before the ceremony, I took a picture of the two of us before we got all sweaty standing on the altar (and before I was too imbibed to rememberize how to take a photo like this).

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