Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mary's Graduation

A few months ago, my sister (-in-law) Mary graduated from college. This was a big one, not just for Mary, but for all of us, especially me. I realized that I've been present for all of Mary's graduations: Eighth grade, high school, and now college (And I crashed her high school graduation ceremony, too!) So I missed her Kindergarten graduation! Big deal. I was probably in second or third grade at the time and couldn't have spelled "Graham" if I tried. Thankfully, I didn't have to try.

As always, Graham and I had the camera. We're big picture takers--mostly of other people because they're more interesting than we are. But this was a special event, so naturally we had the camera, and darnit, we were gonna document these memories if it was the last thing we did! A little late, but here are some photos of the weekend.
Mary entering for the baccaluareate service. A little dark, but she's the one in the yellow sash.
The creepy new Lincoln statue at IC. Look at that face! Tell me that's not super creepy.

The book he's reading has actual text from an actual textbook from the 1840s. The story goes that Lincoln was supposed to attend IC but didn't after his girlfriend died. The statue shows him reading a book that he "would have" read at IC in the 1840s or so. The college also likes to share that he got an IC education by proxy through his friends who attended. Don't know if that's true or not, but it's a neat thing for them to say.
Creepy Lincoln wanted to graduate, too!

Those eyes!!! Ack! They shiver my timbers. ::shudder::
Onward to graduation! Mary's standing up, ready to get her hard-earned diploma. ::sniff:: MY BABY'S ALL GROWN UP. Oh, wait....not my baby. Heh...carry on.
We didn't get a great photo of Mary actually getting her diploma, so the best we've got is Graham and Mary with a favorite college professor: Dr. Rellinger-Zetler. Funny story: Mary was studying for Dr. R-Z's final when we told her she was going to be an aunt. She didn't expect to do as well as she thought she'd do on the final, so she told her professor that Graham was going to be a dad, and the professor squealed. Then Mary broke the news that her final might suck, so she wrote, "Little Graham babies!" at the top of each page of her final to remind the professor that she got a little distracted during her study session. And Mary still probably aced that final. She's a viking like that.
Creepy Lincoln and I got into a staring contest. You win this time, Creepy Lincoln, but I'll be back!

Robyn and Creepy Lincoln got along swell.

Mary with her favorite siblings. (Note the hoodie, Mac friends.)

The whole family, plus Mary's boyfriend Josh.

Graham and Mary with "the swing". It's some sort of IC tradition or something. Always a big hit with the kiddos.

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