Monday, October 25, 2010

Quick Baby-fied Update

1. Baby shower was Saturday. I had fun, Graham had fun, and it looked like everyone had a decent time. Got some kickass onesies that I will be posting pictures of soon(ish).

2. My sisters kick all kinds of ass. The end.

3. Growth scan and ultrasound this morning because Baby is measuring a little small (and so am I). Baby is head down (Woo! Stay that way!) and we got some pictures of some feet because her head is basically inside my pelvis. Baby girl wants OUT.

4. Basically, we need to prepare for a November baby instead of a December baby. That's fine with me--they we don't need to deal with everyone saying crap like, "Aw, too bad she's not a St. Nick's baby!" (I don't care) and "Aw, she IS a St. Nick's baby! Name her Nicole!" (No) and "Oh man, a Pearl Harbor baby, that sucks" (by the time she's old enough to realize that, she probably won't even care) and my personal favorite, "You should wait to have her until your anniversary! Then you can have one big party!" (Heeeeeell no. If I'm still pregnant by our anniversary, watch out. You will definitely not want to be anywhere near Ms. CrankyPants over here.)

5. Ultrasound was fine. FINE. (Fine, Mom! You hear me? No, you don't hear me because you've already left the computer and have run toward the phone....) We're all good. She's just about 5 lbs. and her head is measuring in the 48th percentile, so not too shabby. Her heartbeat is fine, the placenta is still attached firmly, and there's nothing showing up anywhere that gives me cause for concern. She's resting on my cervix pretty much all the time--not comfortable--so we need to be realistic and prepare for a potential Thanksgiving or earlier delivery. As long as I'm 36-37 weeks, I don't see a problem with that, except that I'm 34 weeks today. If I have a baby in 2-3 weeks, holy shit....wait, Grandma reads this. I, I meant holy shit. Definitely.


  1. eeek!!! I can't believe you might have a November baby!! That's like... only DAYS away! ;) :D

  2. I'm glad you're both healthy! :)


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