Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weekly Update: 33 Weeks

How far along? 33 weeks, 3 days.

How big is baby? Closer to 17 inches, if not longer, and 4 lbs, 5 oz. according to last night's ultrasound.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Up 20, roughly. I'm not sure anymore. Enough. Enough is enough, I say!

Next Appointment: Later this week.

Maternity Clothes: I don't know why I'm trying to wear maternity pants anymore. Yoga pants are so much more comfortable.

Sleep: Last night was rough, but generally I'm waking up a few times a night for one reason for another. I guess third trimester really does prepare you for parenthood, eh?

Best Moment This Week: Finding out my placenta did NOT abrupt like the on-call doctor thought. WoO!

Annoyance of the Week: General sameness. This soreness on the left side of my abdomen really freaking sucks because there is literally no position that is comfortable for me for longer than 90 seconds.

Movement: Definitely. She likes attention.

Planning/Preparation: Electrician coming on Saturday so we can get some things looked at and some light switches installed upstairs.

Belly Button In/Out: Definitely out. It's gross to look at.

Gender: "Definitely still a girl" according to the u/s tech last night. That's still a good thing, because otherwise my son would be wearing a lot of dresses.

What I Miss: My favorite fall sweaters.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Eating a full meal again. Someday I will reclaim my digestive tract!

Contractions: Braxton-Hicks are pretty much happening all the time now. Depending on the time and place, they can stir up some round ligament pain. I'm trying not to be a crankypants about it, but when crossing your legs sends shooting paints up your thigh and into your stomach it's really hard not to be a big ole whiner.

Milestones?: First freak-out trip to Labor & Delivery! I'd had some general soreness on my left side for about a week, but I was ignoring it because I thought I did something stupid or twisted funny. I'd take Tylenol and I'd be fine. I was sore on Monday, but fine until Wednesday or so, then sore again, then fine...nothing I was concerned about. All day yesterday I was sore. It hurt to take a breath or switch positions, and it was pretty obvious I was in pain by the end of the day. I called the doctor's office and they sent me to L&D to get checked out. I went in and they hooked me up to some fetal monitors and all that--the second time we've gotten to hang out in L&D like that. Baby looked "great" on the monitor, but I still had these really intense waves of pain shooting through my side from right below my ribcage to roughly my belly button. They did a pelvic exam with a speculum that must have been from the dark ages--I'm no weenie when it comes to those exams and this was by far the worst one I've ever had. According to the on-call doctor, my cervix was "remarkably soft" and I was spotting a little bit (though I am fairly certain the spotting is the result of the Speculum of Doom). I wasn't dilated at all, nor was I contracting, but my cervix has started to efface. Um, yay? I've got a good 4 weeks to go before this kid is ready to come out!
They did some blood work and ran an "abruption panel" to see what was going on. I had an ultrasound and everything looks really great, so we can't quite figure out what was causing all that pain. I haven't been allowed to do anything remotely exhausting or physically engaging for months, and I don't carry or lift heavy boxes at work. I don't remember doing anything that would have caused a muscle spasm or pulled muscle though it definitely feels like I pulled a muscle. Basically, the cramping and pain is the result of me spending so much time on my feet and being under a lot of stress at work. Oh goodie. I need to stay off my feet more at work and at home. It's going to be hard, but it needs to be done. If I'm already starting to efface, it means Hannah-roo could come earlier than expected. I'm not afraid of a 37 week baby, but I'd like her to stay inside until it's safe for her to come out.

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