Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nursery help

 Now that we've gotten some other very necessary home improvement projects out of the way, we can finally focus our attention on the nursery. I've been getting a little anxious that it wouldn't get done in time, and until it's actually d-o-n-e and the last finishing touch is put in place I probably won't rest too easy. I'm still having a little trouble putting together the "vision" for the nursery in my head, so I'm turning to all 5 of you for help!

We decided to paint the room a light purple and stick with a more neutral bedding so we could decorate with a little more fluidity. As far as a "theme" for the room, we're sticking with the outdoors and nature, but when I look at things I really like I realize I'm gravitating towards butterflies and dragonflies a little more than to anything else. Maybe it's because the room isn't yet painted, but based on what we've got it still feels a little "unfinished" in my head. Here's what we've got so far:


Art/stuff for walls:

I got some 3D butterflies similar to these from Target. I'm thinking they'll go over the crib.

Now, here's my inspiration. We're going with an outdoors/nature feel for the room. I love the idea of an applique tree in the room, but the ceilings slope inwards and I don't think it would look right if half of a tree was straight and the other half was leaning inwards. There are two or three possibilities for a tree like one of these, though, on the outside wall and opposite the closet....not sure if there's enough space for one of these babies, though.


Pretty much all of the above comes from Etsy. Go figure. I really love the first two trees and the blowing/wind effect they've got going on. But, like I said, there's not really enough space for either given the ceiling and flat wall space we've got to work with. I like the yellow flowers growing in the green grass, and I could put those up tomrrow because the colors would work well with the paint we're going to get on the walls sometime soon. But, it's my least favorite of the bunch and there's already a lot of grass going on in the bedding.

I loooove the cherry blossom applique, I really do. I think it'd look really pretty over the crib or dresser. Only problem is that I know nothing about decorating and I'd have to pick colors. A brown branch would be fine, but what color would you pick for the flowers? Pink & light purple don't really work well together, right? I suppose I could go with white flowers just to be safe, but that seems kind of lame.

The tree with the fawn is probably the one tree decal or applique we could get away with, given our space constraints. I like this one a lot--I feel like it goes along with the "theme" we've got for the room. (I use the word theme loosely...we're not really big on themes as it is. Giving a room a theme is just weird to me.) I really like that it's cute and whimsical without being all, "BABY" and in your face. This is something we could keep up in her room for a few years, or move to a playroom in the basement. We could keep this in a room and change paint colors and it'd still feel like a child's room. Or, maybe I'm just saying that because I really like it.

The last picture is a sheet of decals I found, so if all else fails...we've got that.

I'd like to incorporate one of the above ideas into the room, no more than that. I think it would look too busy otherwise, and the room's not exactly enormous. No need to cram more in there.

So. What do you think? Lots of questions here, so lemme break it down:

1. Tree on a slanted wall: will it look as stupid as I imagine it will?
2. Does anyone know someone who can do a cheap (as in 'not expensive') paint job for us in the nursery? Anyone?
3. With light purple walls, what colors would you choose for some of this stuff?
4. Anything else to add?

I have zero talent for art, so please don't suggest I do it myself. We'd be more successful if we gave the baby a marker and 10 minutes alone.


  1. I LOVE decals! I have them in all three of the kids' rooms. Kohl's has some really nice ones.So easy to just peel & stick. And, If you don't like how they look, you can just peel them off and restick them somewhere else! They ones above are really pretty. I like the tree w/ the fawn & the butterflies personally, but that's just what I'm drawn to. Here's my opinions on your questions:

    1. I really don't know about this one. You can probably get away with it. I've seen designers on tv put murals on walls that extend onto the ceilings, so why not on a slanted wall? I think they say it makes the room look taller. Can you buy it and return it if it doesn't look right?

    2. Sorry, I don't know anyone who can paint. I've been wanting to paint Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy & Pluto on the kid's playroom wall, but I'm too nervous on how it'll turn out.

    3. We painted Sarah's room pink & I have purple accents on her walls. I think it looks ok. But, I have to tell you I cheat with this one. If I find a color I like, I take it to Home Depot and use the color matching computer to see what color combos they come up with.

  2. I love decals too. My Mom has done some in her house. We've seen them at Target too, btw.

    Now to the questions:
    1. Tree would look cool on the wall...not stupid.
    2. I do know someone who would/could paint, but she lives in not going to work. Sorry pal.
    3. Cream goes with light purple very nicely, also a light blue and brown. (Yellow is nice, but tends to look like school colors, so I don't recommend.)
    4. Nothing more to add...except that I love you all. :-)

  3. How exciting, Angie! I don't know much about decals, but I think the second to last or last options go best with your bedding and vision. She' one lucky baby!

  4. Butterflies above the crib might not be the best idea because when she can stand in the crib, down come the butterflies. :) Unless you put them up high enough.

  5. Love the butterfly tree and the cherry blossom. If you want colors for that one, i'd go with brown branch and white flowers with maybe some very pale yellow in the middle (purple and yellow are complimentary colors). Though I know whatever you decide will be beautiful. :)


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