Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Daddy's First Father's Day

Hannah and I had been working hard for a few months to make sure Graham had a good first official Father's Day. After a rocky start to the weekend (basement construction!) we decided to go to church and spend the day at the zoo before trekking off to visit Hannah's grandpas. Hannah gave Daddy a special photo frame, a garden gnome, and a grilling book & bottle of BBQ sauce for Father's Day! She like to put presents together, just like her mom.

Once we came home and changed, we were off to the zoo!

"I'm ready, Mommy!"

Satan baby!!!!
First, we stopped to see some giraffes. Hannah was riveted.

Shortly after this, she woke up. It was so humid outside that we stopped and took a breather in front of a lake.


"Hey! When did you guys get here?"
Then it was time for an obligatory Daddy-Daughter picture on Father's Day.

Then Mommy got in on the action.

We had a good day at the zoo. We saw some bears....

 Drank some milk....

Living the good life.
And took the all important fountain photo. of us really needs to lose that baby weight.

Before it was time to go, we stopped in the butterfly garden.

Hannah just took it all in.

Once she was done absorbing, she decided I was done with photos.

"Gimme dat."

"Yeah, dat right dere. It's mine."

"Yeah, this is for serous. Gimme."

"Well this is just getting ridiculous."


"Wait, what was I saying? Oh yeah! Gimme dat...."
Overall, a good Father's Day indeed!

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  1. "First, we stopped to see some giraffes. Hannah was riveted."
    *insert sleeping baby picture*

    Oh my god I am DYING right now hahahahaha you crack me up. Love the pictures and glad to hear you guys had a great father's day :)


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