Saturday, November 28, 2009

Let's go, Marist!

Graham's alma mater (high school) is competing tonight in the state championship (class 8A) against Maine South. Marist is 11-2 and Maine South is 13-0. The game is certain to be a good one, and it's a little exciting to see Marist on prime time television (UPN-Power 50, yo!) against a powerhouse school.

The last time Marist was in a state championship game was in 1986 where they lost to Buffalo Grove, and the last time Maine South went to a state championship game was....last year. Maine South hasn't lost a game since 2007. They've won 27 games in a row. Wow.

Marist took down Fremd high school in the previous game to clinch their trip downstate, and Fremd was undefeated as well, so that was really exciting. Graham and his dad went to one of their playoff games and had a great time, so Graham is really excited to see this game tonight.

While we're not joining the crowds at 115 Bourbon Street, we're enjoying the game while we pack and throw non-essentials into boxes. (We were actually able to empty out some of the kitchen today! Squee!) We'll pack here and there between halves and during commercials, so hopefully the last few boxes will be essentials like clothes and bathroom stuff. But for now, let's go Redhawks!

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