Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sweetest Day 2009

Sweetest Day is always one of those "holidays" I forget about until it creeps up on me. Graham is good about remembering, and every year I tell him that he does't need to acknowledge it, he still does. And hey, I'm not complaining, because it means I wake up to these:

A few weeks before, Graham bought me some garden scarecrows. I got to pick out two little guys who have chilled in the garden for a few weeks. I never did get a photo of them, but they're super cute. To reciprocate, I found a game I knew Graham could relate to: Cubs Jenga.

Graham poses with his new Jenga set.

Another memorable Cubs collapse.

The saddest part of Cubby Jenga? The fact that it immitates life. Everything's fine until the weak link is exposed, and then.....well, we know what happens next.

It was a fun day, even though we didn't do anything except hang out, watch TV, and play games. It was nice to be together and "celebrate" another Hallmark holiday. And I'm not gonna lie--I loved the flowers.

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