Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Maybe maybe?

Our "target close date" is Thursday. We have been incredibly compliant throughout this process (if you ask me) and really, aside from the counseling session we didn't know about, it's been a really smooth ride. The most frustrating part is how long it's taken us. Six weeks seemed like a long time to wait when we signed the contract, but with so many first-time homebuyers rushing to get in under the deadline--which hadn't been extended yet--our real estate agent and lending agent said that the process would take time. Seems the market was flooded with first-time applicants thanks to that $8k.

We went into underwriting on Wednesday last week. I kept checking my email every hour on the hour on Thursday and Friday, hoping that maybe we'd get lucky and we'd get a clear to close from the underwriter. Even on Monday I tried to be a little less crazy and remind myself that there were two whole days between Monday and Thursday, so with a little luck, we'd be okay by Thursday and ready to sign our names a billion times at the closing.

Today we heard from the lending agent and all he said was that we needed to get a money order for some funds he initially wrapped up into the closing costs, but it seems that the bank wants some of their money up front (they're so nice), but we'll get some of it back at the closing or shortly afterwards. He's coming by tomorrow to pick up the money order, and while I didn't speak to him on the phone (my pesky job gets in the way of me being home all day), Graham said he sounded optimistic and that it's "looking good" that we'll still close on Thursday.

I really can't wait to close. I'm more anxious now than I was at the start of this process--to get so close and have something go wrong now would really be defeating. I'm trying to stay positive, but it's been a rough few weeks at work so the nerves and lack of sleep are really getting me down.

So, by the weekend, we'll either be first-time homeowners (mortgage payers, really), or we'll still be waiting to close. Either way there will be some pretty crazy emotions 'round these parts.

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  1. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!

    p.s. When it's official, I'll need your address.


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