Thursday, November 12, 2009


I worked from home today, and I'm glad I did. I really needed the break from the office and everything there. I was productive here and made some necessary changes to one of our school websites (a scholarship site, of sorts) and caught up on some paperwork and got myself ready for conferences tomorrow (boo). I'm glad I was HERE, because if I was THERE I probably would have been sent home or committed. Perhaps both?

Shortly after noon I called our lending agent and after a brief altercation with a phone monkey at the bank, I finally got through to the agent. Apparently, part of the hold up is that we are being audited by the bank. One in file mortgage applications is being audited by the bank to be sure that the underwriters did their job right. It's completely random, and it's entirely possible we could have closed tomorrow or Monday if we were one folder above where we ended up on someone's desk. Everything is "great" according to the lending officer, but this audit "could take a few days" or "up to two weeks", or even more if someone really sucks at their job.

The lending agent said someone would call us by the end of the day Tuesday and let us know where we stand. We'll see if that actually happens, or if I have to start making calls around 4 p.m. on Tuesday. He promised me--PROMISED--that we'd be closed by the end of the month, and possibly by Thanksgiving, but "definitely by the end of the month." Oh great. I looked at the calendar. There are 10 days this month where we can close--9 if you don't count tomorrow. That's a really brief window of time.

I told the lending agent we had to be out of our apartment by November 30th. I asked who was going to pay our rent for the month of December because we won't be able to move in time for the closing and everything that comes after it. What the hell are they thinking? That we can close on the 30th and move that same day?

I'm really pissed off. I'm probably going to have to take a week off work to move, unpack, and paint, rip up carpet, and remove wood panels from the living room. Not that anyone doesn't like a week off work, but I'd much rather that week be spent in Cabo or Maui than scraping tar off plaster walls.

At least this was random and as cruel as random is, it's not that anyone made a mistake or dropped the ball. It's just really defeating to get so close and still have to wait. We're not buying a short sale. We're not trying to clean up our credit reports and hide bad credit scores. We didn't buy a car or a vacation home or do anything wrong, and we're still waiting. Still. Waiting.

Ugh. I so badly want this to be done with. I cannot wait until we have keys, and I'm really afraid that this auditor will step in and not like something and we'll have to start this process all over again. If I need to go to the doctor for the issues that are developing with me--physically and emotionally--I fully intend on billing the bank and sending them an invoice.

We most likely won't have anything new until next week, so if you're the praying sort, just keep our emotional well-being in your prayers more than anything else. We're really struggling with this, and any support we can get would mean more than keys or help painting.

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