Monday, December 14, 2009

And we thought we'd packed before!

Now that we have an official closing date, time, and place (woo hoo!), we've officially begun to pack. We lightly packed through November; putting away the knick-knacks, finding some long lost boxes to pack things away, getting our bikes out of here to give us some more space (thanks, parents-in-law!), and just trying to make ourselves feel better about "the big move" and really make ourselves think that we'd accomplished quite a bit.

Boy, we were wrong to the wrongest degree of wrongness.

Not only do we own a lot of crap, but we have a lot squirreled away in this little apartment and really made the best use of our closet space (we are closet space rockstars) to pack away what we had. However, now that we're officially moving out of here, we've got to face our crap in the face (err...what?) and really show our stuff who's boss. In short, we are packing machines.

Everything in the kitchen that can be packed away is packed away. Short of putting away everything and eating chinese for a week, we're down to bare bones (for the most part).

Our walls are bare. It looks like we just moved in again, which is weird. The stark white that I hated so much when we moved in is staring back at me and I can't stand it. The one thing that can be said for our new home is that none of the walls are white. The basement might be a fugly 1070s seafoam shade of green, but white it is not, and for that I'm thankful.

I've also packed away most of my shoes! I won't go into detail here about my shoe collection (it's practically my pride and joy....please don't lecture me on how sick that is) and I've got more shoes than all of Graham's nuclear family combined. Wanna know the truth behind the reason I haven't worn winter boots since high school and only recently found a suitable pair? I couldn't find a pair cute enough or worthy enough of my time, energy, money, and feet. As it is, I'm sure Carrie Bradshaw would slash my tires for the pair I've got, but at least my feet are dry and warm this winter.....a sensation I'd pretty much forgotten over the last ten years.

Our holiday stuff is pretty much ready to go. Thankfully it's still all boxed away from last year, so we just need to move boxes. No disassembly required here, folks!

As for the bathroom...well, let's say it's a work in progress. I've got my box of stuff for the new house ready to go for Friday. We'll stash it in the car, head on down to our closing, and have one hell of an afternoon scrubbing the bathroom, stashing away towels, and playing a rousing game of "Where the hell are we going to put all this junk?"

My dad is coming over on Sunday morning to get the ever-growing pile of stuff that we've always meant to donate but never quite got around to doing. Now that pile is taking on a life of its own. I'll be glad to see it leave, but I know that we'll be starting a brand new pile soon enough. Thankfully, we have a garage....summer garage sales, anyone?

This is the last week of school for both of us. Today was a crazy one for me--all my classes were loud. Hopefully tomorrow and Wednesday are better, but I'll be lucky if' I'm able to concentrate, let alone my students. I sort of dread this last week of the year because there's so much to cram in and it's really the week that if all hell chooses to break loose, there's nothing we can do about it. Oh well. I have an excuse, right? RIGHT?!?!?!?!

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  1. HHAHAHA!!!! I only laugh because I've been there & done that with the whole packing/moving thing a few months ago. I was serious in telling you that you don't know how much crap you have until you have to go & pack all of it! Funny thing was, I was still packing whole Joe was moving boxes into this house! But, here's just a little piece of advice...double & triple-check ALL of your cabinets, drawers, closets, etc. The people who bought our house were the new owners of some paint supplies & some of my hair accessories. Totally replaceable, but just a pain that I HAD to go out and replace them! Have fun, though!


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