Monday, December 21, 2009

Pack-a-paloooza is over, and I need a beer.

Today was our major packing day. We initially wanted to move today, but Graham had the foresight to know that we'd either have to skip the family party yesterday, or stay up all night to pack. I'm glad to say we didn't have to do either and spent today filling boxes and wishing we had throw away all our stuff and started over.

Mom-in-law and Mary came over today to help, thankfully, and yesterday at the party Awesome Aunt Gail asked what time she could stop by to help! She brought her daughter Liz and all together we packed what was left of everything, which is pretty damn impressive.

Unfortunately, at some point I came down with a fever and a pretty ferocious cold, so I'm going to quit my blogging and get back to bed so I'm ready to go tomorrow. Wish us luck!


  1. Good luck! Let me know what your new address is when you get a chance.

    And make yourself a hot toddy!


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