Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The never-ending cycle of underwriting.

Well, I just got off the phone with the loan processor, and I have decided that we will be in underwriting until the day one of us dies, which may be very soon.

I checked my email and saw that I got another set of disclosures from them. Because we didn't get the grant money, they had to write up our disclosures again and because we have a new set of disclosures, we have to go through underwriting...AGAIN. They also needed our most recent bank statements and pay stubs because those expire every 30 days and the oldest set is deemed irrelevant.

Glorious. We're seriously on the fence here and I'm tempted to cut my losses and just run from this whole pile. I'm sick of never hearing good news from these people. The loan processor has been pretty good, although we weren't told about updated bank statements and pay stubs until I called her this evening. In her email she just asked for us to sign the disclosures, so hearing about the new paperwork was kind of a fluke.

Tomorrow I'm calling the lawyer and asking him to throw his weight behind some of this. I'm also going to call the bank and get this shit settled once and for all. If that doesn't work I'm going to call my uncle and ask him to throw some of his weight behind the lawyer to get this settled. I want to speak to his supervisor. The man has to report to someone and I'm going to find out who it is and make sure they file some sort of complaint against him or something.

Closing this week isn't even close to a viable option. Even if we get a clear to close tomorrow, we still need to get money out of our money market account and transfer it to the savings account and make sure it has time to clear before we get the keys at the closing.

I'm so pissed and I want to make sure someone at the bank knows about it. If you're just stumbling upon this here blog and don't know me well (or at all, really), let me be clear: I'm nice. I'm really nice. I'm a good friend (I try to be, anyway), a hard worker, and I'm thoughtful, to boot! When I have a good relationship with someone, I fling myself into it heart and soul and give it my all.

However, you do not--definitely do NOT--screw with me. I don't take it lying down, that's for sure. I will put up with crap for a little while and once I've had it, I've had it. I can be nice and sweet and kind, but I can also be brutal. Hence, why I blew up at the lending officer over the phone, and why I have called relentlessly over the last few days to get answers and information. I have become a thorn in their side and I will make sure that they are sick of me and my calling and demanding answers. I have made sure that they know I mean business, and I'm damn proud of it, too.

I was okay with being nice at the beginning. I was very cool with letting them do their thing, but now that it's clear we are not a priority case for them, nor have we ever been, I'm glad that I have made sure they know we're unhappy. I want them to be glad to be rid of us and our application. I really, really want to make sure I get my point across that I will not be jerked around.

So tomorrow afternoon I'll make some more phone calls. I am really looking forward to sitting down at the closing table with everyone and making it clear that someone owes me a big fat margarita. Or six.

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  1. WTF! Can they drag this out any more?! Do get your attorney on their asses. That's what your paying him to do. And, I'll say a prayer that when your closing date DOES comes around, THAT'LL go smoothly.


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