Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby Shower Invitations

For the last few weeks, my mom, sister, and sisters-in-law have been planning our baby shower. I'm very humbled and touched that so many kickass women would even think of a shower for me, let alone want to take on planning something of this nature. I love to plan parties, but showers are a whole different ball game. Hell, for most showers I don't even buy a gift until the day before or day of because I'm just not good at planning ahead in these situations. When my sister-in-law Robyn called about the possibility of a baby shower, I was really touched. It makes this whole "having a baby thing" seem even more real and reminds me exactly how many people are excited to meet Baby AngieGraham. Of course, that meant having to register--not one of Graham's favorite activities--but it's really touching to see how many people feel like they're connected to this pregnancy and are excited to meet our daughter.

In July my friend Kelly flat-out asked me two questions: "1. Can I come to your shower? And, 2. Can I please make your shower invitations?" I said yes to both because I love Kelly, and I've seen what she can do with paper, glue, and some scissors, and it's awesome. A few weeks ago, Kelly met with my mom and they came up with these cute little creations:

The outside

The inside

Key details erased to protect the innocent.

I was blown away by the cuteness. Aren't these kickass? Kelly did an awesome job. I got 3 text messages the day these started arriving in the mail from friends who thought these were the cutest, most creative shower invites they'd ever seen. I love passing on the kudos to Kelly--she worked hard and deserves to know how many people think these invitations are about as bitchin' as baby shower invites can get. I like how there's very minimal pink on the invitations--I know we'll get a bajillion pink outfits and onesies and socks, and that's okay. We can't exactly avoid it, because baby girl = pink. I don't loathe pink, but it's not one of my favorite colors, and unless I see an outfit that's really, really cute I probably won't be buying too much pink on my own. This invitation looks exactly like some sort of onesie I'd buy for my kid. Still cute, still a little girly, but not bubblegum pink and screaming, "BABY GIRL COMING THROUGH!!!"

(For the record, we've already received a ton of clothes and cute little items from friends and relatives, many of them pink. Like I said, I don't loathe pink, and pretty much everything we've gotten so far is adorable. I just won't go out of my way to buy something pink if I can help it.)

I've got two invitations, both of which I plan on sticking in her baby book someday. (And by someday, I really mean someday. I keep intending to start a pregnancy/first year scrapbook or photo album, I just haven't done it yet. And I probably won't start until I'm bored and need a project. 'Cuz I'm lazy.)

These invitations are so cute, they really make me excited to see everyone next month. It's humbling to go to a party for you, but I'm starting to look forward to it.

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